Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Green Sister 39

As the Green Sister reached Mark, she glanced behind her and saw, as she had expected, Lee trudging along in her path. She hid a smile and turned back, ready to get to the cave and find out what was making the vibrations she felt.

After they reached the ledge, GS, Mark and Lee stood in the opening, peering into the long dark cavern.

Mark whispered, "Look."

They exchanged glances before taking a deep breath and headed down toward the pulsing green light that glowed faintly far down in the darkness. They were silent, each of them lost in his or her own thoughts.

GS felt the throbbing in her feet before her ears picked up any sounds. She reached out to stop the men.

“Do you feel that?” she whispered, turning back to face them.

The two men shook their heads, then Mark’s eyes opened widely.

“It feels like… like a heartbeat coming through the rocks,” he said.

“That’s it! I couldn’t figure out what the throbbing reminded me of.” GS looked around her. The noise had gotten loud enough that all of them heard it. This must be what it’s like to be a baby in the womb, she mused. The beating wasn’t coming from any distinct location, but surrounded them like a warm blanket. It was almost comforting in its rhythm. Hypnotizing.

She shook herself mentally, realizing that they were in danger of slipping into complacency. Of being lulled into a sense of slumber when they needed to be searching for Nancy’s weapon before she had the chance to use it again. Before it was too late.

"Come on," she said, grabbing Mark and Lee's shoulders and shaking them. "Try not to listen. It will put you to sleep and we'll be in a mell of a hess."

Sunday, June 25, 2006

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Friday, June 23, 2006

Green Sister 38

As GS and Mark made their way down the foot of the small mountains, Mark scanned the craggy surface and GS, walking with an erring sense of direction, focused on what she could hear. Mark tried to speak with her once, but was quickly silenced with a look and an upraised palm.

GS stopped short and grabbed Mark's arm. She pointed to an opening in the rocks about ten feet above them. Mark studied the area where she was pointing and then looked back at her with a puzzled look in his eyes. In frustration, she pulled him closer to her and raised up on her tiptoes to whisper in his ear.

"There are vibrations coming from there," she hissed. "I think that might be where Nancy has her machine. I'm going to go back and get the Major. You stay here to mark the spot so we don't have to re-find it."

Without a backward glance, GS turned and ran back the way they had come. She met Lee on the way, coming towards her, a handheld device in his hand that looked like a TV remote. When he got close enough he didn't have to yell, he said, "There are stronger betavoltaic emissions coming from the area just beyond you."

"That verifies my findings," GS said. "I picked up vibrations coming from a cave. I think we should climb up there and check it out."

"I've called for back-up," he told her.

"We don't have time for that. Now that Nancy knows we are on her trail, there's no telling what she will do. We need to find that machine and we need to do it now."

"Listen, lady, you may be hot stuff in the city, but this is a military operation. Civilians need to stay out of it."

GS gave him what she hoped was a withering look, then turned her back on him and started back down the road, leaving him with only two options. He could stand there and wait for his back-up, or he could follow her. GS didn't really care which he decided to take. She was going to stop Nancy for good this time, if it was the last thing she ever did.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Green Sister 37

The three made their way to the foot of the low mountains that dotted the horizon. As GS had said, there were a lot of caves.

"We don't have time to search every one of these," Lee said, frustration evident in his voice.

"I don't think we need to," GS said. "If I'm not mistaken, the machine Nancy has will have to put off some kind of signal. Major, do you have any kind of testing device in that car of yours? Something that will pick up betavoltaic emissions?"

Lee sent a startled look her way. "Why, yes, I have the prototype for an analyzer that can detect increased betavoltaic use, but how..."

He stopped as she held her palm up to him and turned to Mark.

"While the Major is busy doing that, you and I are going to walk that way. I want you to keep your eyes peeled for anything that looks... wrong. I'm going to be focusing on what I can hear. My instincts tell me Nancy's machine will not be completely silent and I think I might can pick up on the sound waves."

Without another word, GS started moving purposefully toward the caves. Mark looked at Lee, shrugged his shoulders, and followed her.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Green Sister 36

In what seemed like a twinkling of an eye, the Green Sister made her way back to the car, where Mark, Lee and the driver had just finished moving the tree out of the way.

"I discovered Janna in the woods, alone," GS said, her hands on her hips. "Don't you men know things are dangerous out here?"

"Where is she?" Lee demanded to know. "And, what are you doing out here? This is a military operation and we don't need any help from the likes of you."

Mark put himself between the two. "Lee, she might can help. She was working on the Nancy case back in town...and caught her the last time. We don't need to turn down help. I don't know what your problem is with her, but you need to get over it."

"I can take care of myself," GS said to Mark. "I took Janna home. She was in a bad way. Probably ate some of that military food."

With a grown, Lee turned his back and stalked back to the car. Mark and GS looked at each other, then Mark asked, "Is Janna going to be okay?"

Her voice softening, GS said, "She will be fine. She was going to take some Pepto and lie down. The reason I'm here, though... I discovered something both of you need to know."

They walked over to Lee, leaning against the car, his arms crossed and a scowl on his face. "What did you discover?" he said, a grudging tone in his voice.

Ignoring his attitude, GS turned her attention to Mark. "About five miles from here, in a clearing, is a cottage...."

"Well, what are we doing waiting around here then? Let's get started over there!" Lee said, standing straight and turning toward the car.

"An EMPTY cottage. Whatever Nancy had hiding there is gone. I think it's the machine she's been using to change the buildings around here and in the city. There was an eight-foot space where something had been sitting."

"We need to find where she took it." Lee pounded his fist into the top of the car. "She's an evil woman and there's no telling what she will be able to do if she's truly managed to harness the power of pi."

"There are caves in the area," GS said. "I think it would be worth the trip to check them out. Some of them are quite extensive, but if Nancy's there, I'll be able to tell."

Mark and Lee looked at each other and then back at GS. Like it or not, it looked like she was running the show for now.

Time Out

to play a game of tag. Thanks, Marianne. Also, thanks for introducing me to Word Nerd. Just what I need...another blog to waste time with!

Anyway, the tag is to list ten things I love that weren't around ten years ago (did I get that right?). Here goes:

1. EBay
2. online bill pay
3. online checking (I never have balance my checkbook manually again! Thank God!!)
4. WVU (for me at least.. I don't know how long they've been around)
5. My blogging friends (you know who you are)
6. MySpace (I know, there are a lot of horror stories, but I've met up with some old friends through that and it's been great!)
7. Low carb recipes (my favorite is fake baked potatoes... mmm, yummy)
8. Good sugar-free ice cream
9. Super WalMart (I know WalMart's been around a long time, but when did they come out with the one stop shopping thing? Oh, well, if I'm wrong on this, someone will tell me)
10. neat little cell phones that don't break your pocketbook when you pay the bill

Tag, you're it. Let me know if you take me up on it, as I'd love to read your list!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Green Sister 36??? Nah

Thanks to Marianne and the Random Paragraph Generator I now present the next installment of the Green Sister. Actually... mathematician? writer? Hmmmmm..... maybe this has possibilities after all.

The enlightening pan responds beside Mark. The mathematician assures Mark. Next to the father paces Janna. Janna rages below Mark. Mark breads Janna. Throughout the glass suspects the destined writer.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Green Sister 35

Thanking God for the reflexes being the Green Sister gave her, Janna leaped out of the way of the falling tree. The wind howled around her and the pine trees swayed, letting Janna know she had to get out of the woods before actual damage was done. The tingling feeling letting her know Nancy was close was gone and the Green Sister would have a better chance of getting out of this that Janna Thomaston would. With a quick spin, Janna disappeared and the Green Sister stood in her place. With wide leaps, GS traveled far beyond where the car had been stopped and discovered a small cottage that looked like it had been built into the hill itself.

A quick glance around assured her that she was alone and the lack of tingling sensation reassured her. She pushed open the door to the cottage and discovered... nothing. The house was completely empty, except for dust that covered the floor, outlining a clear spot that was eight-foot square. This must have been where Nancy had whatever it was she had created to harness the power of pi. They were too late. She had taken it somewhere else. Wherever it was, it was imperative they find it. That was too much power to rest in the hands of one person, especially a person like Nancy.

She had to get back to the car and let Lee and Mark know, but time was of the essence. There was nothing to do but let the Green Sister take the lead from now on and hope she could make good enough excuses for Janna's absence that the men wouldn't get any more suspicious than they already were.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Green Sister 34

Janna didn't know what game Mark was playing at, but she decided to go along for the ride. If he had somehow figured out who she was, then she'd just have to deal with that later.

"Uh...yeah," she said. "I'll... see if I can find a thicket or something while you guys do all the heavy work."

Mark rolled his eyes and Lee grunted, his thoughts obviously already on the task ahead. Janna sighed. She could have saved her breath and not made quite an idiot of herself as far as her cousin was concerned. Oh, well. As Mark and Lee made their way, along with the driver to the tree blocking their way, Janna slipped into the woods, searching for a spot where she wouldn't be seen from the road.

A tingling traveled up her spine as she was getting ready to go into her spin and she stopped short. Nancy. Janna turned in a slow circle, her eyes searching for any sight of her nemesis. It would never do to let Nancy catch her turning into the Green Sister.

The limbs of the trees began blowing with the slight breeze that came up. Janna looked up, puzzled. The weather forcast hadn't predicted windy conditions today. The sky darkened and the wind grew stronger. The trees began to sway and the force of the wind knocked Janna off-balance. This was no normal storm. This was some of Nancy's doing and proof that they were very close. Janna had to turn into the Green Sister and see if she could locate Nancy before things got worse.

At the sound of a loud crack, Janna whirled around to see a tree falling right towards her.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Green Sister 33

"What the...," Lee yelled as he opened the car door and got out.

Janna struggled to sit up straight but Mark tightened his arms around her. She looked into his face and could feel her face flush as she noticed his gaze on her.
As she opened her mouth to speak, Lee came back to the car. Mark's grasp loosened and Janna sat up, straightening her clothes.

"There's a large tree in the way," Lee said. "It's going to take a while for us to get it cleared. Mark, can you come and help us?"

"Sure," he said. "Do you think it was put there on purpose to stop us?"

"I'm sure it was," Lee said. "We must be getting close. Nancy intended to slow us down and she's succeeded. I just wish I knew what she was doing that she needed to gain some extra time." He sighed, then directed his attention to Janna. "You going to be okay here while we move this tree?"

Janna didn't get the chance to answer before Mark said, his gaze intent on her face, "I think that Janna's having stomach problems again, aren't you, Janna?"

She shot a look at his face and saw a slight smile form on his lips as he held her gaze with a knowing look in his eyes.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Green Sister 32

Janna pretended she didn't see the looks Mark and Lee were giving her and, thankfully, they went back to discussing what they knew of Nancy the Black and her activities from before. She was relieved they didn't question her any further. As tired and distracted as she was, she didn't know she would be able to carry off the pretense of being simply a romance writer who had accidentally stumbled into something. She leaned her head against the back of the seat and closed her eyes, remembering the last time she had come up against Nancy.

With a cackling laugh, the tall, pale woman, her black hair streaming down her back, pointed her finger at the Green Sister. A sudden blast of artic air shot past her, nearly freezing Clarence.

"That's it," GS said, her anger reaching a boiling point at the danger to her small friend. "You've created enough havoc around here."

"And you think YOU are going to stop me? You and your little friend? Ha!"

Nancy the Black shot her icy finger towards GS again, but she was able to avoid it with a flip that put her directly behind Nancy. The Green Sister reached out, grabbed the back of Nancy's black form-fitting top and twirled her around. With a satisfying crunch, the Green Sister's fist connected with Nancy's jaw and Nancy sprawled on the floor.

GS let out a low moan as she cradled her bruised fist in her other hand. She didn't like using violence, but where Nancy the Black was concerned, it was worth it.

What happened after the police dragged Nancy off, Janna asked herself. Surely they had put her in a secure facility.

The car jolted to a halt, sending Janna sprawling into Mark's arms.