Green Sister 36

In what seemed like a twinkling of an eye, the Green Sister made her way back to the car, where Mark, Lee and the driver had just finished moving the tree out of the way.

"I discovered Janna in the woods, alone," GS said, her hands on her hips. "Don't you men know things are dangerous out here?"

"Where is she?" Lee demanded to know. "And, what are you doing out here? This is a military operation and we don't need any help from the likes of you."

Mark put himself between the two. "Lee, she might can help. She was working on the Nancy case back in town...and caught her the last time. We don't need to turn down help. I don't know what your problem is with her, but you need to get over it."

"I can take care of myself," GS said to Mark. "I took Janna home. She was in a bad way. Probably ate some of that military food."

With a grown, Lee turned his back and stalked back to the car. Mark and GS looked at each other, then Mark asked, "Is Janna going to be okay?"

Her voice softening, GS said, "She will be fine. She was going to take some Pepto and lie down. The reason I'm here, though... I discovered something both of you need to know."

They walked over to Lee, leaning against the car, his arms crossed and a scowl on his face. "What did you discover?" he said, a grudging tone in his voice.

Ignoring his attitude, GS turned her attention to Mark. "About five miles from here, in a clearing, is a cottage...."

"Well, what are we doing waiting around here then? Let's get started over there!" Lee said, standing straight and turning toward the car.

"An EMPTY cottage. Whatever Nancy had hiding there is gone. I think it's the machine she's been using to change the buildings around here and in the city. There was an eight-foot space where something had been sitting."

"We need to find where she took it." Lee pounded his fist into the top of the car. "She's an evil woman and there's no telling what she will be able to do if she's truly managed to harness the power of pi."

"There are caves in the area," GS said. "I think it would be worth the trip to check them out. Some of them are quite extensive, but if Nancy's there, I'll be able to tell."

Mark and Lee looked at each other and then back at GS. Like it or not, it looked like she was running the show for now.