Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday Morning Meme from Karen

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September 29th Questions:

1. How do you define happiness?
Knowing my family is happy and safe is a big part of it. Having a job I enjoy. I'm, fortunately, by nature a pretty happy person and it takes a lot to jolt me from that.

2. What did you have for breakfast? (If not this morning, tell us what you had the last time you had breakfast). Normally I have coffee for breakfast. I'm much more likely to eat breakfast for supper. The last time we did that, we had eggs, grits, sausage, bacon, and pancakes. The last time I had breakfast for breakfast....hmmmmm.... I think it was one morning we worked and I grabbed a sausage biscuit down at Gen. Earl's (gas/convenience/cafe/let's hang out at local store).

3. On a scale of one to ten, how sick are you of the presidential campaign? Do you talk about politics on your blog? What about in real life? Why or why not? I have to admit, I'm ready for it to be over. No, I don't talk about politics on my blog in any shape or form. Not even to the extent of having a "I support" button on my sidebar. In real life, sometimes I will, but not to the extent of trying to sway anyone else. Everyone has to make up their own minds and I don't believe in "arguing" or "persuading" people to believe my way. I figure if they can be argued into it, they can be argued out of it....convictions need to come from inside. That's the only way they mean anything.

4. What about your life today would surprise your teen-aged self? Actually... I don't think too much. I'm pretty much doing what I always hoped I would do. I do think my teen-aged self would have pushed a bit harder on the writing....and I should have listened to her.

On a side note, this is BAFABW again and Karen is participating (my contest will go up tomorrow). So.... if you want to win a book from Karen, click below, and leave her a comment. You'll be glad you did...oh, and if you don't already know Karen, take a few minutes to look around. She's a neat lady and a good friend.

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Friday, September 26, 2008

Food For Thought

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Who was your role model growing up? My mom. She was placed in the position of having two young girls to raise. Fortunately, we were able to move in with my grandparents, but it was still a struggle for her. One thing I always remember and tried to practice with my own family: if she ever had a little extra money, she would buy board games or something long lasting. She always say she could take the money and treat us to a movie (which she did very occasionally) and we could enjoy ourselves for a couple of hours, or she could take the money, buy a game, and we could have many more hours of enjoyment.

Who would you turn to first if you were in desperate need of help? Other than my husband and/or kids? For anything other than financial help, probably my mom. Financially, she couldn't help and it would just make her worry. She would do anything at all for me otherwise. Financially, it would be our cousin. chanel handbags

Are you generally organized or messy? I tend to be more on the messy side, but I consider it "organized chaos." Things may LOOK messy, but I generally know where everything is.

Midnight Snack
What do you do when you can't sleep at night? Sometimes read; sometimes bloghop; sometimes play mind-numbing games on the computer.

Recipe for this Week (instead of your recipe for life - what is it for just this week?) For this week, my recipe is finish some of the projects I've started :-)

PLEASE PLAY !!!! Come on, you know you want to!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Cause Worth Talking About

Through my friend Jill, I have met a new blogger...Cass. Cass has a post I encourage you to read and leave a comment on. As I mentioned last year about this time, my cousin has breast cancer. She's doing well, but it still affects our entire family. Cass had a scare and it encouraged her to write the post I linked to above. She is donating $3 for every comment to breast cancer research. Her husband's business and her mom are doing matching donations. That's $9 a comment, people.

I was just there...right now, there are 325 comments. They capped the donation and things are moving along. She's bought a domain name and is going to be moving forward with plans... you can read about them here. Check it out and support this worthy cause.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Working at Home

Not that I don't work now, but it would be nice to earn a pittance :-) Anybody got any ideas?

I'm working on some articles and will try that. I would love to be actually bringing in an income from my writing. Anyone want to hire a writer and editor?

Today is another day on our job (you remember, where I cut down my first tree) and it will probably be our last. It's been a fun job and the home owner and I have become friends. As a matter of fact, on Friday I spent my morning having coffee with her instead of working! Well, we have another coffee date this morning and I'm making muffins to take over. I don't know how to follow a recipe (I always have to change something) so we'll see how it goes. Instead of oil, I'm using some of the pear butter I put up last year (as a side note...they just came out of the oven and they are wonderful).

She is so funny. She's only been here about six weeks and is from Ohio. She loves it so far (they've always wanted to move south...she's never been fond of the cold), and it's neat to see how excited she gets about everything. There was an armadillo in their yard the other night, rooting around for bugs and such, and she and her husband were completely fascinated. One of their neighbors (another friend and customer of ours) hollered from his yard he'd be glad to come and kill it for them (he hates what they do to HIS yard). Thankfully, they decided against that plan of action.

She had also seen a flying squirrel the night before, but had been alone and was afraid to tell anyone for fear they would think she was hallucinating. She told me, "Judy, it was only five o'clock and I hadn't had a drink or anything." So, while talking about squirrels in general, I mentioned we also had flying squirrels around, she was very relieved...and recounted her experience with them. (Of course, our cousin Roy, who is working on this job with us, said he's going to find the time sometime to "warn" her that sometimes Judy gets this delusion that squirrels can fly and if I were to ever mention it to just humor me... it doesn't normally come with fits.)

Anyway... have some work I want to do for LASR before we have to leave, so I need to dash. If you didn't enter yesterday for the $15 Amazon gift certificate you have another chance today. Go and check out some of the writers we've interviewed.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Anybody Want Milk?

No...well, how about a $15 Amazon Gift Certificate? I'll tell you how you can get one. Just keep reading.

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September 8th Questions:

1. Are you brunette? Blonde? Auburn? And is it natural? If you could pick any type of hair you wanted, the style and color, what would it be? (Can you link us to a picture?)
I am a blonde (yeah, yeah, yeah). It is natural...but enhanced :-) When I was a kid I had platinum blonde hair. Over the years, it started getting darker and darker. In high school it was what used to be called "dirty dishwater blonde" (how appealing, right?) Anyway, I like being a blonde and so, I remain a blonde. I wouldn't change it. I have long hair because, for me, it's easier dealing with. When it's short I have to spend a lot of time styling it for it to look like anything. With it long...I can wear it down, wear it up, curl it or not, wash-and-go if I want. Much more versatile and time saving. And, to see a picture (this is going to tie in with the $15 Amazon Gift Certificate) just go to the Whipped Cream home page, where Marianne and I, as owners of The Long and the Short of It are celebrating National Shameless Promotion Month. NOTE: this is on our erotic romance site, but we don't think there are any explicit book covers on it. We are in the Author Spotlight this week.

2. How did your car get that little scratch/dent? (Because let’s face it, we ALL have car stories, right? If, for some reason you don’t, tell us about how someone else’s car got that scratch/dent). Oh, do I ever! Bob bought me a wonderful pick-up truck. It was beautiful. A 150 Dodge Ram Sport. One day we had to use it in the business (we try not to use my truck, because the tree and stump removal business is not kind to equipment). But, this day, for some reason lost in the mists of time, we had to. I took a load of limbs to the landfill on our long trailer. Well...I backed up to where the guys were supposed to pull the limbs off. Did you know that if you are pulling something, you're supposed to back up completely opposite to the way you back up normally???? Well, I soon found out when the trailer jackknifed and put a dent in my bumper. I cried all the way back to the jobsite and STILL feel like crying about it. My poor little truck.

3. In your opinion, what is the worst-tasting candy? Now, what is the best-tasting candy? How often do you eat candy? Do you keep it around your house? Do you allow your children to eat very much candy? licorice, hands down. Blech. Best tasting? Do you really need to ask? Chocolate, of course. And, yes, I do my best to keep it around the house, 'cause you never know when you're gonna just NEED it. And, no kids around the house now, but when they were little, they ate enough. It was never forbidden, because I felt all that would do would make them want it more.

4. Are you easily agitated? What really makes your temper soar? Do you stay angry for a long time? Or do you get over it pretty fast? Nope... I don't lose my temper hardly at all. But, when I's Katie bar the door.

Don't forget to head over and enter the contest for that $15 Amazon Gift Certificate. You know you want to :-)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday Meme

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Direct from Jodi's mouth...uh, fingers: "Since the Friday's Feast Chef has been out of the kitchen for quite some time (and may be for a while yet), I have decided to start my own version until he/she is able to return. I am calling it

Food 4 Thought Friday

It is generally the same idea, with just a little twist. Feel free to play along for some yummy fun! I will post a new one each Thursday afternoon for those that are on a different time zone. JOIN IN!!!"

If you were to choose a new name for yourself what would it be and why? Were there any other names your parents almost gave you?

As far as I know, my parents never considered any other names from me... my actual name is Judith Ann, but I've been Judy so long I think I'm in trouble when I hear "Judith Ann." I AM thinking about using that for my writing name, though. After reading Anne of Green Gables, I always wanted to change my middle name to Anne... maybe I'll do that for my writing name. What do y'all think? Who should I be when I write?

And, if I were to choose a new name for myself now? Probably still something that starts with J. I like J-names :-)

How do you usually spend your Sunday afternoons?

I always cook for Sunday night dinners. We tried doing the after church dinner, but Mama got out of church at one time, and we got out of church at another. So, it evolved into Sunday night instead. Our church doesn't have evening service and Mama's gotten to where she doesn't like driving at night. Other than that, it's pretty lazy.

What would be your last meal if you were about to walk the green mile?

I agree with Jodi's answer...that would be tough. I like her idea of having a taste of everything I really enjoy, but don't get often. That would include soft bread, right out of the oven, and butter. (Don't need to worry about calories or fat, after all). Then, I think, an Oyster Po'Boy from The Grill in Apalachicola. That's to die for. And maybe so coconut shrimp from Red Lobster. For dessert (if I could hold any more) something chocolate and decadent.

Midnight Snack
Have you ever broken any bones? Nope... knock on wood. I do have a fairly fresh scar on my leg though :-)

Recipe for this Week (instead of your recipe for life - what is it for just this week?)
My recipe for this week is organization. My life is in desperate need of being organized. I'm starting on that by concentrating on one thing at a time (writing one day, editing one day, LASR one day) but I need to filter in my housework and chores too. Not to mention outside work.

Let me know if you decide to play along... now I'm off to visit a few other participants. That is, until I have to get ready to go to work.

You Are 30% Left Brained, 70% Right Brained

The left side of your brain controls verbal ability, attention to detail, and reasoning.

Left brained people are good at communication and persuading others.

If you're left brained, you are likely good at math and logic.

Your left brain prefers dogs, reading, and quiet.

The right side of your brain is all about creativity and flexibility.

Daring and intuitive, right brained people see the world in their unique way.

If you're right brained, you likely have a talent for creative writing and art.

Your right brain prefers day dreaming, philosophy, and sports.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I'm a Lumberjack, and I'm OK

As some of you may or may not know, my husband and I own a tree and stump removal business. Yesterday we had a large trim job to do (and a couple of large pine trees to take down).

If you've never been around tree people or chain saws...they can be really dangerous (the chain saws--not the tree people-- usually). As a matter of fact, look at these chain saws:

No... we didn't use one like that. Actually, one of the ones we used was like this:

Are you wondering yet why I'm telling you all this? It's because :::::drum roll:::::
I cut down my very first tree today!!!! My husband, knowing how very dangerous chain saws are, has never let me use one. But, he relented and I used the small top handle saw pictured above to cut down a tree.

Okay... so it was a very small tree. So small, I brought home the piece that had the largest diameter. And, so small that my husband had his hand around the trunk and lifted it with one hand into the dump truck. It was taller than I am (okay... so at 5'2", I have been called a shrimp) and it WAS a tree. So... it counts!! And... here it is.....

And so.... I can officially join the ranks of the "lumberjack"!!

Monday, September 01, 2008

Monday Morning Meme

1. If you mixed up the letters in the name of your blog, what new name would you come up with? (Anagram fun website - Now take your favorite anagram and tell us what sort of blog it might be based on that title.
Cad Ed Foretells Mommy Or Wow Cad evil man who has a gift (or curse) for predicting the future gives his daily forecast

Decade Meows From Molly Wort My cat, Molly Worts, gives her ten-year address to the nation (as you might guess... she doesn't have much of a readership)

Werewolf DeCad or Lost Mommy... hmmmmm.. that just make an interesting book title.... excuse me while I go add that to my file ::::wandering off::::

2. What three sounds do you love? Okay, now tell us WHY you love these sounds. 1.The sounds of my children laughing... I love it when my kids are happy.
2. The sound of rain.... we've been in a drought condition... plus it means I can stay in and write or read 3. The sound of the ocean.... it just restores my soul

3. What is it about you that makes everyone want to know you? Wait, you’re not done yet. Now tell us WHY that one particular thing? What makes that element of yourself so special? (Come on, don’t be shy. This is your opportunity to write about something positive about yourself). I'm fun... seriously. I tend to come up with some off-the-wall stuff that makes people laugh. You never know what's going to come out of this mouth (or off these fingers, as the case may be). Unfortunately, that doesn't translate into my writing. I need a foil to bounce things off of.

4. What is the oldest thing you own? What is the newest? The oldest thing I own..I have a baby doll crib and cradle that my sister and I got from Santa when I was about six and she was three. I'm keeping it until one of my girls has their first girl and then will pass them on. The newest thing I own? I have Sherrilyn Kenyon's newest book Acheron.

Stay tuned for a new meme coming up.....details are still being working out.