Working at Home

Not that I don't work now, but it would be nice to earn a pittance :-) Anybody got any ideas?

I'm working on some articles and will try that. I would love to be actually bringing in an income from my writing. Anyone want to hire a writer and editor?

Today is another day on our job (you remember, where I cut down my first tree) and it will probably be our last. It's been a fun job and the home owner and I have become friends. As a matter of fact, on Friday I spent my morning having coffee with her instead of working! Well, we have another coffee date this morning and I'm making muffins to take over. I don't know how to follow a recipe (I always have to change something) so we'll see how it goes. Instead of oil, I'm using some of the pear butter I put up last year (as a side note...they just came out of the oven and they are wonderful).

She is so funny. She's only been here about six weeks and is from Ohio. She loves it so far (they've always wanted to move south...she's never been fond of the cold), and it's neat to see how excited she gets about everything. There was an armadillo in their yard the other night, rooting around for bugs and such, and she and her husband were completely fascinated. One of their neighbors (another friend and customer of ours) hollered from his yard he'd be glad to come and kill it for them (he hates what they do to HIS yard). Thankfully, they decided against that plan of action.

She had also seen a flying squirrel the night before, but had been alone and was afraid to tell anyone for fear they would think she was hallucinating. She told me, "Judy, it was only five o'clock and I hadn't had a drink or anything." So, while talking about squirrels in general, I mentioned we also had flying squirrels around, she was very relieved...and recounted her experience with them. (Of course, our cousin Roy, who is working on this job with us, said he's going to find the time sometime to "warn" her that sometimes Judy gets this delusion that squirrels can fly and if I were to ever mention it to just humor me... it doesn't normally come with fits.)

Anyway... have some work I want to do for LASR before we have to leave, so I need to dash. If you didn't enter yesterday for the $15 Amazon gift certificate you have another chance today. Go and check out some of the writers we've interviewed.


Margaret said…
Working at home isn't easy, but it can be done. Try some of the proof-reading gigs for starters.

I work next door now. Not really home - but close enough.