Time Out

to play a game of tag. Thanks, Marianne. Also, thanks for introducing me to Word Nerd. Just what I need...another blog to waste time with!

Anyway, the tag is to list ten things I love that weren't around ten years ago (did I get that right?). Here goes:

1. EBay
2. online bill pay
3. online checking (I never have balance my checkbook manually again! Thank God!!)
4. WVU (for me at least.. I don't know how long they've been around)
5. My blogging friends (you know who you are)
6. MySpace (I know, there are a lot of horror stories, but I've met up with some old friends through that and it's been great!)
7. Low carb recipes (my favorite is fake baked potatoes... mmm, yummy)
8. Good sugar-free ice cream
9. Super WalMart (I know WalMart's been around a long time, but when did they come out with the one stop shopping thing? Oh, well, if I'm wrong on this, someone will tell me)
10. neat little cell phones that don't break your pocketbook when you pay the bill

Tag, you're it. Let me know if you take me up on it, as I'd love to read your list!