Green Sister 39

As the Green Sister reached Mark, she glanced behind her and saw, as she had expected, Lee trudging along in her path. She hid a smile and turned back, ready to get to the cave and find out what was making the vibrations she felt.

After they reached the ledge, GS, Mark and Lee stood in the opening, peering into the long dark cavern.

Mark whispered, "Look."

They exchanged glances before taking a deep breath and headed down toward the pulsing green light that glowed faintly far down in the darkness. They were silent, each of them lost in his or her own thoughts.

GS felt the throbbing in her feet before her ears picked up any sounds. She reached out to stop the men.

“Do you feel that?” she whispered, turning back to face them.

The two men shook their heads, then Mark’s eyes opened widely.

“It feels like… like a heartbeat coming through the rocks,” he said.

“That’s it! I couldn’t figure out what the throbbing reminded me of.” GS looked around her. The noise had gotten loud enough that all of them heard it. This must be what it’s like to be a baby in the womb, she mused. The beating wasn’t coming from any distinct location, but surrounded them like a warm blanket. It was almost comforting in its rhythm. Hypnotizing.

She shook herself mentally, realizing that they were in danger of slipping into complacency. Of being lulled into a sense of slumber when they needed to be searching for Nancy’s weapon before she had the chance to use it again. Before it was too late.

"Come on," she said, grabbing Mark and Lee's shoulders and shaking them. "Try not to listen. It will put you to sleep and we'll be in a mell of a hess."