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Review of Welcome to My World of Dreams
"I just saw Welcome to My World of Dreams. If only Real.com would have a fantastic page like that. What a splendid page! It must have taken many years to design the page.
Gee. The HTML is classy. Also, Romancing the Blog put up a link to this page. The page contains 107 links, a good amount. There are 38,566 characters in the document, which is a cool length for Chinese users. Yes, I expected the creator to succeed. The URL has 29 characters. Just the perfect length. The color scheme is neoclassicist. Delicate and exclusive. Seeing Welcome to My World of Dreams, I'm simply full of respect.
What a fabulous web site."
-- Paul Martin, IndependentWebReview.com

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Marianne Arkins said…
Yanno... if you're not going to post more GS, then the least you can do is post in F123. Kay? I'm missing your writing.

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