Green Sister 34

Janna didn't know what game Mark was playing at, but she decided to go along for the ride. If he had somehow figured out who she was, then she'd just have to deal with that later.

"Uh...yeah," she said. "I'll... see if I can find a thicket or something while you guys do all the heavy work."

Mark rolled his eyes and Lee grunted, his thoughts obviously already on the task ahead. Janna sighed. She could have saved her breath and not made quite an idiot of herself as far as her cousin was concerned. Oh, well. As Mark and Lee made their way, along with the driver to the tree blocking their way, Janna slipped into the woods, searching for a spot where she wouldn't be seen from the road.

A tingling traveled up her spine as she was getting ready to go into her spin and she stopped short. Nancy. Janna turned in a slow circle, her eyes searching for any sight of her nemesis. It would never do to let Nancy catch her turning into the Green Sister.

The limbs of the trees began blowing with the slight breeze that came up. Janna looked up, puzzled. The weather forcast hadn't predicted windy conditions today. The sky darkened and the wind grew stronger. The trees began to sway and the force of the wind knocked Janna off-balance. This was no normal storm. This was some of Nancy's doing and proof that they were very close. Janna had to turn into the Green Sister and see if she could locate Nancy before things got worse.

At the sound of a loud crack, Janna whirled around to see a tree falling right towards her.