Green Sister 35

Thanking God for the reflexes being the Green Sister gave her, Janna leaped out of the way of the falling tree. The wind howled around her and the pine trees swayed, letting Janna know she had to get out of the woods before actual damage was done. The tingling feeling letting her know Nancy was close was gone and the Green Sister would have a better chance of getting out of this that Janna Thomaston would. With a quick spin, Janna disappeared and the Green Sister stood in her place. With wide leaps, GS traveled far beyond where the car had been stopped and discovered a small cottage that looked like it had been built into the hill itself.

A quick glance around assured her that she was alone and the lack of tingling sensation reassured her. She pushed open the door to the cottage and discovered... nothing. The house was completely empty, except for dust that covered the floor, outlining a clear spot that was eight-foot square. This must have been where Nancy had whatever it was she had created to harness the power of pi. They were too late. She had taken it somewhere else. Wherever it was, it was imperative they find it. That was too much power to rest in the hands of one person, especially a person like Nancy.

She had to get back to the car and let Lee and Mark know, but time was of the essence. There was nothing to do but let the Green Sister take the lead from now on and hope she could make good enough excuses for Janna's absence that the men wouldn't get any more suspicious than they already were.


Marianne Arkins said…
More please.

uojxmyus - Usually oxen just xray mules, yet unexpectedly shot.