Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday Feast, Texas-style

Due to technical difficulties, the regular edition of Friday's Feast will not be shown today. Apparently, the chef has picked up a nasty virus (computer, that is) and will be gone for a bit while she gets things sorted out. Anyway, Texas Tanya, who supplied the above information, has created her own Texas-style Friday's Feast for those of us who were going into withdrawal!
Thanks, Tanya!

Appetizer: When was the last time you had some bar-b-que?
Bob and I stopped in at Bubba's for a bbq sandwich yesterday while we were out giving estimates. Truthfully, though, I think Bob really goes for the dessert!

Soup: How many pairs of cowboy boots do you own?

Salad: Finish this sentence: Mommas, don't let your babies __________.
Mommas, don't let your babies play rough games just after they've eaten 'cause believe me, the consequences are no fun

Main Course: Name a song that makes you think of Texas.

Dessert: Cowboy hats - Black or White?
Black goes with everything :-)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

3WW and Wordless Wednesday

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It's been a long time since I've done this... but I'm ready to start back. My muse has been on vacation... a long LONG vacation. So...I'm hoping to entice her back :-)
This week's words are:

Elizabeth MacGuire muttered to herself as she spread butter in the bottom of the baking pan. Sure, her brothers wanted her to make Sticky Buns, but where were they when it was time to do the work. Sometimes she thought she was Henny Penny and her bags of wheat. Those boys were masters at avoiding what they saw as "woman's work." Well, she'd bide her time. Some time soon...she wasn't sure when... her time would come. chanel handbags

She placed the last of the rolled up pastries in the pan and wiped her brow with the back of her hand. Popping the pan into the oven, she glanced at the clock. Damn! Where had the time gone? She was going to be late to class. She snatched the pan of buns out of the oven and turned the heat off. The boys would just have to wait until she got back. She couldn't miss this class. Not again.



Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tuesday Heads or Tails: sit *or* stand

This week's theme/prompt is:
HEADS *OR* TAILS - Sit *OR* Stand

And... I am so indecisive,I choose BOTH!

I am so tired from standing in the dust and heat grinding stumps the last several days (today's the last day on that particular job and I will be SO glad to see the end of it), that I decided to post a video with what I'd much rather be doing.

I hope you enjoy this:

Monday, July 21, 2008

I can’t believe it. The Long and the Short of It is almost ONE YEAR OLD! Who would have thought that last year, when Marianne said... “I think I want to start a reviews blog... do you want to help out a little?” that we would be where we are today???

To celebrate our birthday, we are having a blowout party and you are all invited. We have a month of fun planned... and some of our very favorite writers are involved to bring YOU the presents.

Every day, August 1-26, you can visit one of our friends to find out how to win her special prize. There will be “something” you need to find or a question you need to answer. Just email us ( the answer and you will be entered into that day’s drawing. Not only that... but you’ll also be entered into the drawing for the $50 Amazon Gift Certificate we’ll be giving away on our actual anniversary date of August 27, 2008.

You can also get an entry for the grand prize just by telling other people about it on your website and/or blog... just enter the link on Mr. Linky on the anniversary page. If you have a daily entry, your Mr. Linky will also count as an extra entry for that contest. AND, you don't have to wait for the anniversary party to do that. You can start RIGHT NOW!

You can see all the authors that are participating on our anniversary page. The question and link to their site will be on our anniversary page on their designated day. Be sure and check every day, because once the link is gone.. it’s gone and you’ve lost your chance at that particular prize (and for your entry that day for the Grand Prize).

So... tell your friends. Tell your relatives. Tell your blog buddies. Tell your loops. Tell the strangers in the street. The Long and the Short of It is a YEAR OLD!!! And giving away twenty-six prizes from twenty-six great authors AND a $50 Amazon Gift Certificate. How cool is that? ;-)

Friday, July 18, 2008


It's Friday. I checked out Friday's Feast and it's still last week's I kinda wondered a bit when I saw a gazillion comments already. It's not THAT late! And then I read the first question and went... "huh... that sounds familiar." THEN I looked at the date (and no, you can NOT ask me why I didn't just check the date out first... DUH.. did you forget I'm a blonde????)

Anyway, I hope the chef is doing okay and that Friday Feast will be back up and running soon, 'cause I make it a point not to THINK on Fridays!!

So.... an unblog post this morning (and you don't have to say, either, that you don't find anything particularly different about that! Boy, y'all sure are a feisty bunch this morning.)

Do be here Monday... 'cause there's a big announcement on its way. And, I don't want you to miss out on one single minute of the fun.

And.. that's all. :-) Have a great weekend, y'all.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thirteen Things I Need to do Today

Good morning, all. This is going to be short and sweet 'cause I'm a lady with a mission. I have a busy busy day planned... and here is what it looks like (in no particular order):

DONE1. I have a load of clothes in the wash I need to go hang up. Yes, I said "hang up." I convinced Bob to put a clothesline up for me. I love the smell of freshly hung clothes and when we caught our daughter washing and drying EIGHT pair of panties AND got the electric bill the same day... well, let's just say that old adage of Ben Franklin's, "a penny saved is a penny earned," became very meaningful. I'll try to remember to let you in on how much we saved when I get the bill next month.

DONE2. I have to figure out something for supper. I know.. it's still early... but because of what I'm doing the rest of the day, I need to get this done. Otherwise we'll be grabbing a sandwich tonight.I've decided we'll have a chef's salad. Easy to put together and the eggs are boiled

3. I have to finish the weekly pages for LASR (contest, interview, article, short story, fun friday)

4. Ditto for Whipped Cream

DONE5. I have to create the Author Spotlight pages for LASR (Waiting on Marianne to get me the templates for that one) Actually, I sent all the stuff to Marianne to sort out. We'll hopefully be back to normal next week.

6. And the Author Spotlight pages for Whipped Cream

7. Have to finish writing a press release for the most awesome birthday celebration The Long and the Short of It has ever had. Stay tuned HERE... Monday.... exciting news.

8. Need to come up with a really neat question for "Friday Favorites from Judy's Twisted Mind" for our Yahoo group. Oh... you don't know about this fun part of my life? Well, just join us at Long and Short Reviews for a fun time. We have some great members and we have a lot of fun. So, if you love romance fiction, this is the place for you.

9. I have some editing I need to do for my "paying" job.

Somewhat done 10. I have to do at least a little cleaning up before the health department decides to come pay me a visit.

Done11. I need to go over to the garden and see what needs picking. I skipped yesterday, so I know there will be a pile of things ready.

12. I have to go to the post office because I have a pile of books that need to be mailed out to various winners in our contests.

done.. well, started on13. Oh,yeah.... and I'm going to be gone from home most of the day because we have a really BIG stump job we're starting on. I need to go get my butt in gear... y'all have a great one!!!!!!

Actually, more got done today than I thought would. I'm ready for bed... night!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday Feast and Fascinatin' Things

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When was the last time you had your hair cut/trimmed?It's been so long I don't remember when. I'm due again. I DID trim my own bangs a few weeks back...that's always a trip. I was just too busy to get in to my hairdresser. And, I expect her to say... "I won't write your interviews with LASR if you won't do MY job." Let's just say... a hairdresser, I'm not.


Name one thing you miss about being a child. Time. It seemed like I had all the time in the world. There was always plenty of time to do what I needed to do AND what I wanted to do.


Pick one: butter, margarine, olive oil. Olive oil.. unless it's toast. Then butter. Or bagel...then it's cream cheese. And, yes, I know that wasn't an option. Tough. I'm a radical rebel.

Main Course

If you could learn another language, which one would you pick, and why? Since I already know a smattering of Portuguese and Spanish... probably Italian. Or maybe French (even though I took two semesters of French in college... I remember very VERY little. I do remember I was always accused of speaking French with a Spanish accent though... that was interesting)


Finish this sentence: In 5 years I expect to be…doing pretty much what I do now, with the addition of working on my next best-seller. Of course, to make that happen, I guess I have to finish my FIRST best-seller, huh?
Fascinatin' Things

Strangest weapon of crime: cheese grater

Monday, July 07, 2008

Monday Mayhem

July 7th Questions:

1. What is your blog about? How long have you been blogging? Why did you begin blogging? Is it the same reason that you continue to blog today? How has your blog changed over the time you’ve had it? In six words, sum up your blog.
My blog started because my (at the time)writing friend and critique partner, Marianne, told me I needed one. That it would help me in my writing. My first blog post was...let me October 18, 2005. Nearly three years. Those first posts...I was still learning. I would remember something I wanted to say...or find something I wanted to share... and just do a new post. I had no idea you could actually... y'know... EDIT something you'd already done. It's been a fun nearly three years. I'll need to put my third year blogaversary on the calendar and do something fun. Any ideas?

2. When you go for a haircut, do you do something drastic? Or are you more of a ‘just a trim’ sort of person? Do you color your hair? If so, how often? Tell us about your best, and worst, hairstyle. What sort of hairsyle do you think looks good on you now? Normally just a trim. And, yes, I color my hair. Not so much to get rid of gray...I just don't have much... but to maintain my blonde-ness. I've been a blonde all my life and the last several years it has gotten steadily I'm losing my color. I have a friend who is a redhead that's experiencing the same phenamenon. What is up with that??? I did a search (I really like Google) and the best answer I can find is "nobody knows." Gee... how helpful. Anyway, I digress. Badly. The best hairstyle on me is the one I have now. Wispy bangs, long. I can just do a lot more with it with a lot less trouble if I wear it long. And, as long as it looks good on me long, I'm going to go for it. My hairstyle disaster. When my oldest was a baby, I had it cut and permed. I looked like a poodle. 'Nuff said.

3. Tell us about your 4th of July celebration. Show us some pictures (if you have them). What did your family do? Did you go and see a big fireworks display? Or did you stay home and have a (semi) quiet family fireworks celebration? On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the best), how patriotic would you say you are? Do you routinely talk about our country’s issues within your family unit? Do you and your significant other see eye-to-eye on political issues? International friends: tell us how you celebrate your country’s birthday/new year/significant annual event. This is the first year since we've had our place at the shore we weren't able to go for the holiday. I was bummed. Bob was exhausted (he had had a non-stop week...from flooring the hall bathroom the entire weekend before to a lot of work last week). So... we zoned out. Stayed in. Stayed on the computers. Watched some old movies. In concession to the day, I cooked some ribs, made some potato salad, and had fresh cucumbers and tomatoes, and my mom came over to eat with us. That was it. Politics? Bob and I are very closely aligned politically, but we tend not to talk about politics except with each other (or one or two close friends). We don't like political arguments and there's no sense in stirring up the dust. But, I consider myself very patriotic.

4. If you only had enough time each day to read one section of the newspaper, which section would you read? Why this particular section? Well, I always look at the Obits first.. to make sure I should go on and read the rest. If I find myself there, I want to know so I can go lie down. Actually... I glance at the headlines, but always read the comics first. I have to find out what the kids in Zits is up to this time.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

A Winner, A Plan, and a new Meme... Oh MY

A Winner-- First, congratulations to TheKea for winning this quarter's BAFAB Contest. I've commented her and waiting to find out what book she wants. :-)

A Plan-- The first anniversary of LASR is coming up and we are making some wonderful plans for our anniversary party. So... stay tuned. This is a party you do not want to miss. Heck, I don't want to miss it! And the best thing? YOU can be a part of it too... so.... more information coming.

A New Meme-- Trish has started her own meme..... so, let's get this one going. And, if you decide to do it, let me know. I'd love to come and visit.

Famous People Meme — Which famous person in each of the following categories would you like to meet?

— Jane Austin

Movie Actor — Sean Connery

TV Actor — Christopher Meloni

Musician/Singer — Frank Sinatra

Historical Figure — Jesus

Fictional Book Character — Mr. Darby

Fictional Movie or TV Character — Jack Sparrow

I would love to see your responses... so go ahead and play :-)

Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Birthday, America

Don't forget to enter for the $20 Amazon Gift certificate. The drawing is tomorrow


Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Wednesday Wonderings

Happy Wednesday all. Sorry I missed yesterday. We ground 56 stumps.. left early, got home late. I'll try to play catch-up with everyone soon.

First.... do you like to read? Then leave a comment on HERE to be entered into a drawing for a $20 Gift Card from Amazon.

Second....the winners have been announced for The Long and the Short of It's Short Story contest. These wonderful stories will ba appearing on our site for the next few weeks. Don't miss this chance for some good, quick reads.

Third.... hmmm... let's see. The garden is doing well. I've started picking daily now. Anybody have any great recipes for hot peppers? They are doing REALLY well!

Fourth.... we have to work again today.... hopefully, it won't be as long a day, or as tiring a day. Fingers crossed!

Fifth.....what are your plans for the Fourth of July? We were hoping to go to the shore, but it doesn't look like we're going to make it, so I'm wondering what everyone else is going to be doing.