3WW and Wordless Wednesday

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It's been a long time since I've done this... but I'm ready to start back. My muse has been on vacation... a long LONG vacation. So...I'm hoping to entice her back :-)
This week's words are:

Elizabeth MacGuire muttered to herself as she spread butter in the bottom of the baking pan. Sure, her brothers wanted her to make Sticky Buns, but where were they when it was time to do the work. Sometimes she thought she was Henny Penny and her bags of wheat. Those boys were masters at avoiding what they saw as "woman's work." Well, she'd bide her time. Some time soon...she wasn't sure when... her time would come. chanel handbags

She placed the last of the rolled up pastries in the pan and wiped her brow with the back of her hand. Popping the pan into the oven, she glanced at the clock. Damn! Where had the time gone? She was going to be late to class. She snatched the pan of buns out of the oven and turned the heat off. The boys would just have to wait until she got back. She couldn't miss this class. Not again.




pcsolotto said…
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pia said…
It's always women work :)
tumblewords said…
It happens, it happens. Good post!
pjd said…
"Not again." Good way to end it. She is turning the corner and on her way to that "some day" when she'll get her payback.
b said…
Henny Penny...how many times I've been the hp in this home. But on my tombstone it will say "She was somebody!" WILL SOMEBODY MAKE ME SOME STICKY BUNS?