Thirteen Things I Need to do Today

Good morning, all. This is going to be short and sweet 'cause I'm a lady with a mission. I have a busy busy day planned... and here is what it looks like (in no particular order):

DONE1. I have a load of clothes in the wash I need to go hang up. Yes, I said "hang up." I convinced Bob to put a clothesline up for me. I love the smell of freshly hung clothes and when we caught our daughter washing and drying EIGHT pair of panties AND got the electric bill the same day... well, let's just say that old adage of Ben Franklin's, "a penny saved is a penny earned," became very meaningful. I'll try to remember to let you in on how much we saved when I get the bill next month.

DONE2. I have to figure out something for supper. I know.. it's still early... but because of what I'm doing the rest of the day, I need to get this done. Otherwise we'll be grabbing a sandwich tonight.I've decided we'll have a chef's salad. Easy to put together and the eggs are boiled

3. I have to finish the weekly pages for LASR (contest, interview, article, short story, fun friday)

4. Ditto for Whipped Cream

DONE5. I have to create the Author Spotlight pages for LASR (Waiting on Marianne to get me the templates for that one) Actually, I sent all the stuff to Marianne to sort out. We'll hopefully be back to normal next week.

6. And the Author Spotlight pages for Whipped Cream

7. Have to finish writing a press release for the most awesome birthday celebration The Long and the Short of It has ever had. Stay tuned HERE... Monday.... exciting news.

8. Need to come up with a really neat question for "Friday Favorites from Judy's Twisted Mind" for our Yahoo group. Oh... you don't know about this fun part of my life? Well, just join us at Long and Short Reviews for a fun time. We have some great members and we have a lot of fun. So, if you love romance fiction, this is the place for you.

9. I have some editing I need to do for my "paying" job.

Somewhat done 10. I have to do at least a little cleaning up before the health department decides to come pay me a visit.

Done11. I need to go over to the garden and see what needs picking. I skipped yesterday, so I know there will be a pile of things ready.

12. I have to go to the post office because I have a pile of books that need to be mailed out to various winners in our contests.

done.. well, started on13. Oh,yeah.... and I'm going to be gone from home most of the day because we have a really BIG stump job we're starting on. I need to go get my butt in gear... y'all have a great one!!!!!!

Actually, more got done today than I thought would. I'm ready for bed... night!


Soul Pockets said…
I need to go lay down after reading your list. Just reading it made me tired! :)
Karen said…
I'm glad you got 2 things done! Good luck with getting all the rest done in good time. Happy Thursdy!
Unknown said…
Sounds like you have a busy day ahead of you! Good job on getting 1 and 2 out of the way. I want to hang a clothes line in my new place once we move...I hope it saves some money and energy!