Thursday, November 30, 2006

It's all Bonnie's Fault!

Bonnie had this game and challenge on her blog. I'm not up there with the champs on Birchsprite's blog yet... but I'm trying! And... if anyone else gets hooked on this thing... blame Bonnie and Birchsprite!!!

Stuck for Something to Write About?

Hop on over to a brand new site--- Blog Fodder, dedicated to fighting writer's block. Each week there will be a different question... and the best thing is, you can do it any day during the week. Come and join the fun.

The first question comes from Jean Luc Picard. Make it so.

“What are some of your memorable experiences at school? ”

Two times in my elementary school career (TWO... count them) I had to miss my school Christmas party because of illness. I had the mumps one year. The next year I broke out with measles the morning of the party and was sent home. When I found out that by the time you break out in measles, you're no longer contagious, I was royally ticked. I'm still not happy about it... can you tell???

I have always had a bad habit of "talking with my hands." I was giving an oral book report one day and my teacher made me hold my hands behind my back. I couldn't do it.... could absolutely not give the report.

The same teacher caught me eating an apple in class (OK, I know I shouldn't have... I knew it then...that's why I was hiding it ;-), but I had forgotten to take it out to the playground during recess). Anyway, she made me get up in front of the class and eat the blamed thing. I blame her for the problems I still have today talking in front of people. Heaven help me if I ever do publish a book and schedule talks at library groups, etc.

I was glad to get out of elementary school. Junior High and High School were relatively uneventful!!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A New Way to Procrastinate

Check out your reaction time in the Sheep Game.... I'm not so good, unfortunately. Just call me "bobbin' bobcat"!
OR you can play Lite Brite.
OR check this out:
Trippy Optical Illusion Woah, about as trippy as you can get without taking drugs.
Can you tell I've not gotten a lot of real work done... at least not writing. We have been working on decorating the outside of the house. I do love Christmas (even if we ARE having a heat wave... sheesh!)

Monday, November 27, 2006

Monday Madness

I hope you will come join us at Monday Madness and play along with us.

Let's talk about holidays... Depending on where you live and what religion you are, you may celebrate different holidays and at different times of the year than others. But most of us do celebrate at least one holiday a year. Let's share! =)

1. Which of the holidays that you celebrate, do you feel is the most important?
Each holiday is its own way. After all, that's why we celebrate them. That said, as far as religion goes, I believe Easter is the most important. Yes, Christmas is the celebration of Jesus' birth, but without what went on at Easter, I doubt anyone would be celebrating the birthday. Halloween is important, just because it's fun and it gives me the chance to start my decorations. Thanksgiving is important because we all need to give thanks... more than once a year, but once a year is a good start. Am I babbling? Maybe... none of the holidays are "most" important to me. I guess you could say the most important is the one I'm celebrating (or fixing to celebrate) at the time.

2. Which holiday do you most enjoy?
I have to say that Christmas is "my most favorite time of the year." I like the colors and the hustle and bustle. I start decorating for Christmas the weekend after Thanksgiving.

3. Is there one holiday that your family tries to get together every year? If so, which one?We (my family and my mom) normally try to get together at Thanksgiving at my aunt's home in Charleston. The majority of my cousins and their kids live there as well. One cousin can rarely get there... he's a paramedic and normally just gets one day off. My sister and her husband make it every other year. My kids make it when they can make it.

4. Share one special memory from a past holiday. I don't know how special this is... but it's one that always makes me laugh. Years ago (early 60s, I guess) LipSlicker lipsticks were all the rage... think Twiggy and Yardley. My sister had bought my present and I was feeling it, trying to guess what it is. I'd guessed several things...she just kept shaking her head, going "nope." Well, after about a dozen or so guesses, I guessed right. She started crying and ran to Mama, wailing, "She GUESSED it!"

5. Name one holiday coming up, that you're really looking forward to, and why. I'm probably more excited about this Christmas coming up than I have been in my life. This will be the first time all my kids have been home for Christmas at the same time since 1998. And, since my son is scheduled to be deployed to Iraq in March, it makes it even more special.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Off for the Holiday

We are leaving early in the morning to go to my aunt and cousins' for the holiday. I doubt if I get any writing done and I know I'll overeat. Our plans right now are to come back on Friday (we normally stay until Sunday). But, we have loads to do to get ready for Christmas this year... more than normally! So... I should be back here on Saturday (and plan on doing Friday's Feast... just a bit late!)

I hope all my friends in the US have a great holiday... and all my friends worldwide have a great day. Keep safe 'til I get back!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Monday .... Sanity???

Monday Madness isn't up yet, so (horror of horrors) this writer has to actually THINK of something to write. Let's see... what can I write about?

-- We'll be leaving Wednesday morning to go to Charleston for our family/Thanksgiving reunion. We've spent every Thanksgiving there (except for the years I spent in Brazil) since '92. Last year was very bittersweet... some of you may remember we had gone up just a couple of weeks earlier than Thanksgiving to bury my uncle. He's the only uncle I ever knew (my mother's sister's husband), given that my mom and dad divorced when I was young and I don't know my father's people. I have been in sporadic contact with my first cousin on the paternal side of the family and, from what he told me, it's not a close family. I was hoping to meet him and his family this month, because they were thinking about coming down this way on vacation, but apparently something came up. So, cuz, if you read this (and I know you have the link... it's on the bottom of all my letters!) WRITE ME!!!

-- Not only are we having a fun filled Thanksgiving, we are having a wonderful Christmas. All the kids will be here for Christmas. Beth and Bekah are both up in NC, Aaron is in the Marines and in Hawaii, and Ashley is still at home. Aaron will be going to Iraq in March, so I'm especially glad everyone will be home. I don't know how much blogging I'll get done :-) but I'll try!!

-- When we get back from Thanksgiving (we're coming back on Friday instead of Sunday this year) we have to get busy. I'll start decorating for Christmas and we'll be getting the "condo" (translated = motorhome) ready for occupation. I LOVE Christmas!!!... it truly is (in my opinion) "the most wonderful time of the year"!

-- Something I forgot! In addition to working on a couple of short stories (see, M, I really AM working), running our our business, and trying to keep one step ahead of the health department when it comes to cleaning my house... I'm also restoring an old desk that was my grandparents'. Mama can't remember for sure, but she thinks Granddaddy may have had it made. It's well-built... not a "fine" piece of furniture, but with a very pretty grain. When I was in high school, I remember "antiquing" it. Does anyone remember that faux finish? It consisted of painting a light color on the wood and then putting a stain on the paint and wiping it off. I wish I had taken photos of the desk before I started (why do I always remember pictures when I'm halfway through the project??) But, I do have pictures of the chair I antiqued at the same time... so hopefully I will get out there, take some pictures of the chair and have the pictures for when (and if) I ever finish the project! :-)

Anyway... that's my life today. Bob has gone to get our help for the day. Before we start making money, some work around here needs done (the trailer emptied from the last job we did, mostly!) Then, off to work. We have a four-stump job to do (grind and clean-up), a job we need to go check (when we were finishing up on it, we got caught in that storm that swept through ... Friday?), and some billing I need to do. I also have to work on getting the downstairs living room in some semblance of order (it's where Ashley comes in and dumps stuff), do some laundry, and get busy packing for Wednesday ('cause I have the feeling we'll be busy tomorrow as well). Anyone want to come help???

Have a great day!

Saturday, November 18, 2006


Surprise, surprise! No meme today. We're leaving in just a little bit to go to The Mighty Mullet Festival in Panacea, Florida... then, on to our place in EastpointEastpoint to spend the night. We'll be back late tomorrow. Everyone have a great weekend!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Friday's Feast 118

Today's post comes courtesy of Friday's Feast. Come on over and join in the fun. But first... something I feel is important to share. A warning for all my friends doing NaNo.

Do you believe there is intelligent life on other planets? I wouldn't be surprised if there were. Given the large numbers of other planets in the universe, I think it would be logical to think there might be other intelligent life around. I also think that we will probably never know.

What is one thing you said you'd never do, but you eventually did? I can't think of anything right off the bat. I've always tried to keep an open mind about things... oh, wait. I DID say I would never (like my mother) tell my kids "because I told you so" as a reason for them to do something. I have to admit that sometimes, when you're dealing with kids, the best answer to "why do I have to...?" is "because I said so." And... now my middle daughter (who is a nanny) has learned the same lesson. lol

Who is the teacher that influenced you the most in school? Judi Davis, my eleventh grade English teacher. She really encouraged me in my writing... so, Mrs. Davis, if you are out there reading this... thank you.

Main Course
If you could trade places with anyone for one day, who would it be and why? I have to say... nobody. I love my life and can't think of anyone else's I would like to live... even for a day. I'm sure everyone else has problems we don't see... and why would I want to live their problems?

What is your favorite dish to prepare? I don't know that I have a favorite to prepare (or to eat, for that matter). I enjoy cooking and finding new recipes. I have a whole basketful of recipes I intend to try "someday". And, periodically, I sit down and read one of my many recipe books until I find something that sounds interesting. I also enjoy dreaming things up... most of my experiments are a success, thankfully! The only problem is... once I've created something it's really hard to remember exactly what I did. :: big sigh:: Oh, well.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Thursday Threesome

Thanks to Dan and The Back Porch for today's Thursday Threesome.

::A Day in the Rain::

Onesome: A Day--or so ago? Oops, wrong meme. Wait, that might be cool... "A Day or So Ago, I saw ......" You fill it in ! A day or so ago, I saw some exciting news on my cell phone. I got a text message from my oldest daughter saying she would be home for Christmas. She lives in North Carolina and this will be the first Christmas we've been able to spend together since 1998.... how cool is that????

Twosome: in-- case of rain, do you carry an umbrella? ...or do you just hoof it in a hat? No umbrella... I seem to get just as wet getting in and out of the car with one. No hat, either, normally. A mad dash to the car, if it's pouring. Either that or I wait til it calms down and then just enjoy the feeling of "raindrops falling on my head."

Threesome: the Rain-- in Spain? Nah, how about locally: has the rainy season kicked in for you yet? Snow? Nothing? Come on, it's almost Thanksgiving here in the States!
We were SUPPOSED to get major storms last night... but nada. I was really hoping for a nice storm. We DID get some rain, which was nice.... all the ponds around us are drying up, so we definitely need the water. Anyway... it's cooling off a bit here. This week, the highs are supposed to be in the 60's with lows in the 40's (I think... not sure about the lows).

Anyway, hop over to The Back Porch and have fun.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Question of the Day

Thanks to Indigo and Question of the Day for today's post.

Wonder Twin powers, Activate

Wonder Twin powers, Activate! What are power are you activating?

Today and everyday, I would activate the power of splitting myself in two. I know the world my not be ready for two Judy's.... but one would stay here, write and clean the house while the other would go out to work with her husband in their business every day. Works for me! How 'bout y'all? I wonder though... which one of us would get to sleep with hubby ;-)... I'm sure neither one of us would want to share. Hmmmm.... it's a puzzlement.

Come along and play.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Tuesday Twosome

It’s all about location…
November 14th, 2006 Dee

1. Name two things you love about the city/town you live in: Tifton is a not-so-small town with a small town feel. The people are friendly and, well, it's home. To read more about my town, check out an article I wrote here.

2. Name two things you dislike about the city/town you live in: Tifton has a lot of restaurants, but there's not a lot of variety, i.e. ethnic cooking. We just got our first Italian restaurant (we have several pizza joints). Also, there's not much to do here in town besides visit the local WalMart, but Tifton is working on that. There are two or three plays a year at the theater and the college, ABAC, puts on a concert series.

3. Name two cities/towns you would live in if you couldn’t live where you are now: Apalachicola, Florida is the first place that pops to mind. We're talking about retiring there one day... if we ever really retire! We really enjoy that city. The other... maybe around Savannah or Charleston... but not in the cities.

4. Are you a “true local” (born and raised) or a transplant of the city/town you live in? I consider myself a "true local" since I moved here when I was five and went all the way through school here. I was away for a few years, but I'm back again.

5. Do you like to leave your city/town when you have a long weekend or do you like to stay home? We have a place down at the Gulf shore (just outside of Apalachicola, to be exact) and we go there every chance we get.

Hop over to Tuesday Twosome and play with us.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Today's post courtesy of Monday Madness where, once again, Otto posts questions from readers for our answering enjoyment. Hop over and join me in the game.
1. From ch'i:
If you could only read one blog every day- which one blog would be on your daily list?
No matter how busy I am, I always check out my friend, Marianne's blog to catch up on what she is doing with her writing. Second on my list would be Miss Snark.
2. From kat:
What do you do to de-stress from a hectic day?
a long hot shower normally does the trick. Actually, though, my life is pretty stress free. Busy as all get out, but once the work is done, it's done... no stress involved (of course, when my hubby is forty-feet in the air in a bucket truck taking down a ninety-foot pinetree, he might disagree!!!
3. From paxil princess:
What is your favorite piece of clothing to wear in the winter?
Anything warm... I get "cold to the bone," as my grandmother would have said... so I try not to get cold. Sweats work for me to hang around the house in.
4. From sherle:
Do you prefer discussing problems with a sibling, a parent, a significant other, a psychologist, or a total stranger?
I tend not to talk too much about problems with anyone... if I have a problem, I "talk" about it in my writing.
5. From trista:
How long have you been blogging?
Just over a year. I enjoy it... just need to remember to make time for it!
6. From lisa e:
Which side of the bed?
7. From elton:
How often do you pig out when you eat?
Not very often...I always feel so miserable when I do. Thanksgiving, for sure, though ;-)
8. From karen:
Do you watch the space shuttle launches?
I used to, but not any more. The Challenger was the last one I remember watching
9. From dawn:
What's your favorite leisure-time activity?
Reading or boating/fishing with my hubby
10. From sherle:
When is the last time you said, 'I love you' and to whom?
What about hugs? Who is the last person you hugged?
My hubby on both counts... and this morning when we woke up

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Randomness... a new meme

It's been a very busy couple of weeks. I had jury duty and loads of work. But, hopefully things are coming together and I'm back...keep your fingers crossed (or your toes, if you have trouble typing with crossed fingers!)

randomness...feed your mind and your blog

week of nov12: favorites

list your favorite....
1. food-- chocolate, of course
2. person-- my hubby. He's the greatest!
3. pastime-- reading... books, blogs, it doesn't matter
4. movie-- hmmm. I guess my all-time favorite is Casablanca. Not the colorized version... the original, black-and-white one. Colorizing it just damaged it, imho
5. season-- summer, for the weather; fall, for the beautiful colors; winter, for my favorite holiday; spring, because it's starting to warm up... I guess my favorite is whichever I'm in at the time
6. book-- I don't know that I have a favorite... although I do try to read The Chronicles of Narnia, Gone With the Wind, and Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy every couple of years
7. quote-- "God's favorite people is children"
8. color-- blue (black or red is my favorite to wear, however)

Join me this Sunday if you feel like it. Have a great week.