Tuesday Twosome

It’s all about location…
November 14th, 2006 Dee

1. Name two things you love about the city/town you live in: Tifton is a not-so-small town with a small town feel. The people are friendly and, well, it's home. To read more about my town, check out an article I wrote here.

2. Name two things you dislike about the city/town you live in: Tifton has a lot of restaurants, but there's not a lot of variety, i.e. ethnic cooking. We just got our first Italian restaurant (we have several pizza joints). Also, there's not much to do here in town besides visit the local WalMart, but Tifton is working on that. There are two or three plays a year at the theater and the college, ABAC, puts on a concert series.

3. Name two cities/towns you would live in if you couldn’t live where you are now: Apalachicola, Florida is the first place that pops to mind. We're talking about retiring there one day... if we ever really retire! We really enjoy that city. The other... maybe around Savannah or Charleston... but not in the cities.

4. Are you a “true local” (born and raised) or a transplant of the city/town you live in? I consider myself a "true local" since I moved here when I was five and went all the way through school here. I was away for a few years, but I'm back again.

5. Do you like to leave your city/town when you have a long weekend or do you like to stay home? We have a place down at the Gulf shore (just outside of Apalachicola, to be exact) and we go there every chance we get.

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Tammy said…
Great answers.. your town actually sounds like the kind of town I would love to live in.. my town has nothing.. I would love a walmart in my town LOL.. we have one close by but nothing really in our small town