A New Way to Procrastinate

Check out your reaction time in the Sheep Game.... I'm not so good, unfortunately. Just call me "bobbin' bobcat"!
OR you can play Lite Brite.
OR check this out:
Trippy Optical Illusion Woah, about as trippy as you can get without taking drugs.
Can you tell I've not gotten a lot of real work done... at least not writing. We have been working on decorating the outside of the house. I do love Christmas (even if we ARE having a heat wave... sheesh!)


Margaret said…
Welcome back! Yes this warm weather just isn't fair.

Thanks for the "Trip". My husband and I both did it then looked over at the Christmas tree we just put up and it was moving all over the place. Fun!
Marianne Arkins said…
That sheep game is freakin' addictive! Thanks... like I needed another reason not to write.

hkbqjda - Hurry, Kathy, bring quirky jumping dogs along!