Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thursday Thirteen: Kele Moon

I would like to welcome Kele Moon as she continues her Virtual Book Tour sponsored by Goddess Fish Promotions. Comments will be entered into an drawing for a $25 gift certificate to the winners choice of Amazon or Barnes & Noble. You can find her other stops here.

13 of my favorite lines from Beyond Eden

1) “I promise I’ll love you forever... Never, ever forget that.” -- Paul to Eve the night before she leaves for New York.

2) “The studio I worked for got shut down for tax evasion and I lost my job. My fianc√© left me for my best friend and my dog died.” –- Eve on why New York didn’t work out.

3) “You are the perfect woman.” Danny gave her another sexy grin. “I always told Paul that. Any woman who looks as good as you and loves to fish is the perfect woman.”

4) “Always the boy scout. You never change.” –- Eve’s drunken observations of Paul.

5) “I’m putting Eve on my ‘to do’ list.” –- Danny to Paul

6) Eve sat obediently, staring bleary eyed at Danny as he poured her a cup of Cuban coffee. “Two men being so neat, I find that suspicious.”

7) “I did make the right choice,” Danny said proudly. “I told you I could be vanilla.” -- Danny’s prideful boast to Paul over being able to pick out a bouquet of flowers for Eve all by himself.

8) “The forbidden tastes good to you, it always has. Bite the apple, Evie, it’ll blow your mind.” – Danny

9) “The devil was the most beautiful angel. Remember that and I think we’ll all be fine.” –- Danny

10) “I could never be ashamed of you, Evie Girl. You’re radiant to me.” – Paul

11) “I was born to live on the edge. Break every rule, I’ll only love you for it.” – Paul (the secret rebel)

12) “When I was young, I thought it would be fun to grow up and be a professional asshole. It worked out nicely.” – Danny on being a Dom.

13) “You two are like a very twisted version of the odd couple,” Eve said with a soft smile. “It’s sweet.” –Eve’s thoughts on Paul and Danny.

Three lifelong friends find themselves tangled in a web of love, pain and dangerous secrets in this erotic Garden of Eden tale.

Tall, dark and handsome Danny Carlow has always gotten whatever he wants except for the two he wants more than anything—his best friends, lovers Paul and Eve. Determined, he waits like a snake in the grass, poised for the right moment to offer them a temptation too delicious to resist.

Artist Eve Everton makes the painful decision to leave behind her true love Paul for the Siren’s call of New York City. Ten years later with her life in shambles, she returns home. When Paul’s waiting arms aren’t available, Eve falls for Danny’s charm and finds herself a willing accomplice in the dangerous games Danny plays.

Former college football star, Paul Mattling is now a successful attorney with a bright future ahead of him. But behind those brilliant blue eyes are secret desires for a taste of the forbidden. Will he play it safe or will he give into Danny and Eve and bite the apple?a

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Middle of the Week Musings

Working at the library gives you a chance to see a wide range of humans. There's the person who is very concerned when they have a ten cent fine. There's the person who pays their fine down to $9.95 so they can still use their card, but heaven forbid they try to pay it all off. Then there are the people who try to figure out a way they can still use their card, no matter that they have lost a $20 DVD and have yet to pay for it. People are funny.engulf, imminent, tamper

What is your reaction when and if you take a book back late to the library?


It's been a long time since I participated in 3 Word Wednesday, but here are today's 3 words: engulf, imminent, tamper

Waves of imminent danger engulfed Julianne as she stood motionless outside the heavy oak door. She reached out her hand but jerked it back before she reached the doorknob. There were "more things in heaven and hell, Horatio" and she didn't know if she should tamper with them or not.


Our daily "how much are Marianne and Judy alike?" quiz:

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You Should Stay Away from Red

You are a balanced and calm person. You definitely shy away from aggression and anger.

You are a natural peacemaker, and you feel bad when people can't get along. You wish everyone was kinder to one another.

Red sometimes represents defiance and strain. You are too harmonious to want to be near either of those.

Red also can point to too much passion or intensity. If you want to remain peaceful, stay away from this color.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursday Thirteen: Mysti Holiday

This post is part of the Virtual Book Tour organized by Goddess Fish Promotions for Mysti Holiday's latest release, Blue Light Special, a contemporary erotic romance. For a chance to win a $10 gift certificate to the online book retailer of your choice, leave a comment here and follow Mysti's tour. Her other stops can be found here.

Thirteen Things I Didn't Title My Story

1. Gone With the Panties

2. Lady and the Cop

3. Pride and Pepsi Shooting

4. Love in the time of Last Call

5. Dirty Bartending

6. You’ve Got Male

7. When a Cop Loves a Bartender

8. Say Nothing

9. While You Were Pulling Me Over

10. When Caleb Met Karin

11. Sleepless in Sacramento

12. Never Been Ticketed

13. Breakfast at Karin’s

You can find Mysti at her website: and her blog

When Karin Lattimer moves across the country and her over-protective brother asks his friend Caleb Hawkes to keep an eye on her, she’s more than annoyed…she’s turned on. The attentive cop is a walking wet dream, but Karin knows he’s only hanging around out of a sense of duty. Acting on her crazy attraction would reveal more than the man’s buff body—it would also reveal her heart.

Caleb is well aware that Karin is all woman. He can’t keep his eyes off her and his hands itch to touch her. But she’s not one-night-stand material, and he firmly believes cops make lousy partners for long-term relationships.

Still, thinking clearly isn’t a top priority when Karin and Caleb finally touch. Sparks fly and barriers melt away as easily as their inhibitions, but can she convince him there's more to life than playing it safe?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Fun Stuff

My friend, Cynthia, sent me the link to this video.... I hope you enjoy it as much as I do:

PacMan rules!

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Thursday Thirteen: Wendi Zwaduk

Today's Thursday 13 is part of the Virtual Book Tour for Wendi Zwaduk's My Immortal. Leave a comment to be entered into a drawing for a download of this book. Check out the rest of her stops for more chances to enter.

13 Lines from My Immortal
With a little commentary because I love to talk

13. Doesn’t your friend Falco bounce there?

(sounds kinda hinky unless you read the book.. hee hee)

12. Vampires were people, too…

11. "I know how you hate to lose, so I’m placing a wager."

10. "I’ll tell you while we wait. Or do I have to spank you to get you to behave?"

( I love a man who takes charge.)

9. "It’s the middle of August and at least eighty-eight degrees here in New Haven. I can’t fathom why you’re cold."

(This comes out of my real life. I am perpetually cold. DH would tell you combined with my inability to tan, I probably am part vampire.)

8. "When you’re done with the time killer, come find me."

(The antagonist has the best one-liners.)

7. You missed the Bruce and Cherylyn show.

(Nope, not a reality show on TV. A real life couple arguing in public. You can't make this stuff up.)

6. She smacked the cool metal into his outstretched hand. "You can drive, but if you scratch my baby, I will come get you." She crossed in front of the hood and thanked the attendant as he closed her door. "Don’t forget, I know where you live and the security code."

(She's talking about her '78 Camaro, and yeah, if I had a Camaro, I'd protect it as if it were my child, too.)

5. "We stayed up until nearly six in the morning, bad girl. I would like to think I wore you out, but your skepticism wounds me."

(Can't let the man's ego grow too big)

4. The man tightened his grip on her wrist. The leather gloves he wore creaked. "Do as I say and look less conspicuous. We’re a couple out on an evening stroll."
"Yeah, because men lead their women around like cattle in this town."

(I loved Stevie's response here. She's a pill and not about to let antagonist win.)

3. "You know NASCAR bores me to tears, right?"

"I don’t doubt it, and I have a plan that should keep your attention just fine."

"Tell me the plan, babe." Storm kissed her. "Get me up to speed."

She scraped his areolas with her fingernails. "You can’t watch a race without sporting your colours, but since you don’t have a favourite driver," she nibbled her bottom lip, "you’ll be nude."

(NASCAR is a sport you love or hate. But if this is one way to make it more interesting...I think more people would fall in love.)

2. "I think about her all the time But I won’t mess things up. Now, go to sleep before the sun comes up and bakes you to a crisp." Or I come over there and kick your ass for butting in.

(Vampire threats. No one else is afraid the sun will bake them, unless they're trying to tan.)

1. You and Storm belong together, like you’re cut from the same oddball cloth or something.

(Coming from Stevie's sister, Gypsy, this is the ultimate compliment. Plus, oddballs are the best balls.)

Blurb: What’s a girl to do when she finds out the man of her dreams is a 340 year old vampire?

Run like hell or offer her heart.

Being a vampire hasn’t been easy for Storm Richardson. He’s not programmed to kill or harm, unless he needs to feed. When he meets Stephanie “Stevie” Persing, he knows he’s found his mate. But if he crosses the line between work and play, he risks losing the only person who matters—her.

Stevie’s been in love with Storm since the moment she laid eyes on him. He’s brooding, intense, and her one weakness. But is her heart too steep a price to pay for his love, especially when she discovers his deepest secrets?

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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

People Watching

Working at the library is a chance to do a lot of people watching. It's interesting to see how people interact with each other. And, it's a marvelous chance to pick up mannerisms and speech patterns for characters :-) I daresay some of my patrons will make it into my books in one form or another.

For the majority of time, we have great patrons. Then...there's that patron. If you've ever worked in an service industry, you know the ones I mean. Fortunately, at our library, each of us have a different that patron...the one when you see them coming through the door, you suddenly have something urgent to work on in the office-- let someone else help

Have you ever had people you have to deal with who just annoy you? I would love to hear about them.

NOTE: don't forget to stop by tomorrow, visit Wendi, and leave a comment :-)

And now... in a time-honored tradition, I bring you my answers to Marianne's quiz (this is from yesterday...she's late this morning. If I get the chance will repost today's quiz as well):

You Are Considerate

You always notice those around you, and you are very polite. Manners come first for you.

Relationships are the cornerstone of your life, and it's important for you to get along with people.

You are the ideal friend. You are dependable, down to earth, and a great listener.

You support your friends and family as much as you can. You love to help other people thrive.

Edited to Add

And, today's quiz:

You Are Refined

You aren't uptight, but you are still very polished and polite. You are graceful.

You are classic, both in style and tastes. You don't even notice trends.

You are charming and charismatic. You are good at smoothing over even the most difficult situations.

You are eloquent and understated. You don't keep going once you feel someone gets the point.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

I'm Back.....

Yeah Yeah Yeah... I know I've said it before.. but this time I really mean it :-)

Updates: Work at the library is going well. I love the work, the people...hate it takes me away from home 40 hours a week. The cool thing is, I work a weird schedule so that every other weekend I have three days off in a row. Of course, that means the OTHER weekend, I only have one day off, but...thems the breaks.

LASR/WC/Aurora are all doing well. We're in our fourth year now...who can believe it? Time flies when you're having fun.. unless you're a frog.

I'm going to be hosting one of our authors here on Thursday for my re-introduction to Thursday Thirteen: Wendi Zwaduk. Stop back on Thursday and comment... you might just win a download of her newest book The Immortal.

In other news... I've never made it to any of my high school reunions. But, that's about to be remedied, thanks to the Class of '75 (yes, I AM that old!).

I'm looking forward to seeing a lot of people. My sister and her husband will be coming down as well. It should be fun.