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Win a $25 GC - The Trouble With Seduction by Victoria Hansen

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MediaKit_BookCover_TheTroubleWithSeductionRebellious, Scandalous and Irredeemable

Sarah, Lady Strathford is ready for a little harmless frivolity with a man of her own age and her own appetites…surely that’s not too much to ask! After the death of her beloved husband years before Sarah is ready for an adventure… Enter the dashing, roguish – and baffling – Mr Cornelius Ravenhill.

Ravenhill, however, is not the gentleman he seems, and soon Sarah finds herself battling against the corrupt and harsh world around her as it threatens to destroy all she holds dear. The question is, will her seduction at the hands of Mr Ravenhill prove to be her saviour or her downfall?

Enjoy an excerpt:

"This excerpt is from an unedited ARC and there may be small changes in the final book."

“I have a favor to ask, Amelia.” Sarah rolled her cigar between her fingers. “It has come to my attention that perhaps someone connected to Edward’s accident was at your party a few weeks ago. Would it be possible for you to make a list of all present? And could you please include the servants and anyone else who might have arrived late, guest or not.”

“Oh, my, Sarah! Whom do you suspect?”

“I’m not sure. It’s for an acquaintance who thought they briefly saw someone there.”

Amelia’s face lit up. “This is all so mysterious. Who is this acquaintance?”

Sarah bit her lower lip and tasted rich Cuban tobacco. Yesterday’s image of Mr. Ravenhill in his revealing work smock appeared in her mind. She probably should have nothing more to do with him. Handsome males had always brought trouble. The very first boy she’d admired had teased her into breaking her leg. Its weakness would probably forever plague her.

She shouldn’t reveal he was the one who wanted the list, but she hated lying, and especially to her friends. “This acquaintance believes they have found a connection between the fire that killed Edward and the men who attacked…him.”

“It’s Mr. Ravenhill!” Amelia clapped excitedly.

Calista’s dimple twitched, and she shoved her cigar into her mouth.

Sarah wanted to make herself very small and slink away. This was exactly what she’d been afraid of, and these were her friends. She and Ravenhill were such a chestnut – a wealthy widow befriending a handsome rake, the younger son of a peer. “You purposely misunderstand the situation. There is nothing between us and that is the way it will stay.”

About the Author:MediaKit_AuthorPhoto_TheTroubleWithSeductionAward winning, historical romance author, VICTORIA HANLEN, has worked at a wide range of jobs, from fashion, to corporate business, to treading the boards of stage and professional opera. A lifelong writer, she once put her skills to use in PR and advertising. But her favorite form of writing is stories with happily ever afters. Her first book, The Trouble With Misbehaving, was published in February 2016. Victoria and her husband live in rural New England surrounded by a host of wildlife.

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Win a $10 GC: Eden: the Eighth Day by Sally Mitchell

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My working space

I have included a picture of my ‘story board’ as my inside space. I’m not sure that description really fits but it helps to keep me focused. Having post it notes makes me think about things in simpler terms which makes it easier to organise my thoughts. As I’ve mentioned in other past posts, I am not the most organised person and work better that way, however, without some level of structure and planning I’d be totally lost.

As far as my outside space goes, I live in the countryside close to the Yorkshire Dales. This space is perfect for clearing my mind and helping me to relax and unwind. I need a lot of space for my creative mind to kick in and where I live is perfect for that. I love taking my little dog out on walks and letting my mind wander. There really is no place better in the whole world to me than in the heart of the country.

Welcome to Mendacia; The city of lies. Saved from a divine apocalypse, its citizens now starve. They are trapped beneath a fire-lit sky and surrounded by a molten river, all to pay for the sins of their ancestors.

The gods cursed the original generation with eternal life so that their skin would rot and their pain would always remind them of their own horrific crimes.

These demons now serve the tyrant emperor, Malum Dolus who uses them to terrorise the citizens, all in the name of maintaining order.

One woman, Vita Dulcas has had enough of his evil ways, but what could she possibly do to help the citizens? They love Malum and hate her, suspecting her of witchcraft after her survival of deadly snake bites. All she can do is stay invisible.

That is until she finds herself backed into a corner and all she can do is fight. Suddenly, she has more power than she could have ever imagined and it becomes clear she is Mendacia’s last hope.

If only she could make the citizens see the truth.
Enjoy an excerpt:

‘But then he turned. Vita jumped with the motion, praying she didn’t look as hopeless as she felt, but as his head turned, his eyed skimmed past the lamb and landed on her own, searing into them as if nothing had ever changed. The darkness behind those beautiful eyes was a harsh reminder now though. A reminder of the awful secret they shared. She remembered looking up lovingly into those eyes - how wrong she had been. How dangerous he truly was. The ignorance of vanity, she thought.’

‘One by one, more of the citizens scaled the walls, marching a slow and silent trail through the remains of the battle, each to pay their own respects to the man who had taken on the demons and given them the hope of freedom.

With a cough, Empress Vesta began to speak from the balcony. ‘This has been a truly terrible day,’ she said. ‘One which will, I’m sure, weigh on our minds and hearts for some time to come. But, I decree that this man deserves a respectable death. Who will carry his body to the palace?’

Nico’s hand shot in the air, his other clasped on his chest. ‘I will.’

‘And me,’ said Kayin, pulling himself to his feet.

‘Me too,’ said the Survivor.

‘Yes,’ said another citizen.

‘Aye,’ said Domine Agil from behind Vesta.

She gazed down to see the sea of her citizens nodding and raising their hands, all eager to pay the man his final respects. She watched her son, the Survivor and Nico haul Theo’s body into the air. Another citizen helped to support his leg and the four of them began a slow exit from the arena, the brave sinner above their shoulders.’

‘Vita let the curtain drop behind her and walked confidently onto the balcony. She held her hands behind her back and stopped in the centre, standing silently for a moment to survey the faces below her. Some, she had seen before, others were strangers. Family men, drunkards, men of high and low standing, young boys and even arthritic old men, all here in an attempt to buy her and take her freedom.

She could feel her heart quickening and for a moment wondered what she was doing. She couldn’t see the Bilo brothers, which gave her cause for relief. A whistle echoed around the yard, followed by an eruption of laughter from the group of her potential husbands. She remained still, letting the sounds wash over her.

‘Just come to give us a taster ‘av yer love?’ She gazed down at the toothless source of torment and waited patiently for the ensuing laughter to die down.

‘Gentlemen,’ she began to speak slowly. ‘I stand before you today with faith. Faith in the goodness in each of you. I see many different faces below me. I see men I have known and respected, hardworking men, family men and loyal men. I see long standing friends of my father, people who I used to feel protected by. I see people who, like me, have suffered in this land. And I wonder if it is fear that makes such good men gather here today? You label me a witch, but you can see my flesh is just as vulnerable as yours. If I am cut I will bleed. I am not the one to fear.’

‘The sound of her mother’s dying scream echoed through Vita’s mind and everything stopped. Time seemed not to exist and with pure clarity only one thought surfaced: they must die. She barely felt the tension of the rusted chain as her wrists snapped the metal, with enough force to send her body backwards.

She watched as the pole splintered clean in two with the impact of the flail, right where her head would have been. The demon panicked and pulled the flail free, bringing it down again towards her. She couldn’t move fast enough this time and her hands came up, palms forward to protect her skull. She waited for the impact.

A few seconds passed and she heard a confused grunt. She dared to open an eye and stared, stunned. Her hands were emitting a sort of white/blue light, bright enough to light up the entire room. She gazed in wonder at the flail which had stopped mere millimetres from her palms and was floating calmly in circles. The demon pulled the weapon, but somehow his efforts were hopeless. The flail was stuck fast. She reached out with lightning reactions, grabbing it from the demon’s rotten hands and she could feel the centuries of cruelty the instrument had yielded. The light vanished, leaving only the darkness once more.’

About the Author:
I was brought up in a small country village in North Yorkshire, UK. I had always been brought up to work hard and to push myself, skills which came in useful for writing the Eighth Day. I suppose it also helped that I’ve always been a huge bookworm with a love of all things fantasy and all things romance. Pride and Prejudice is my all-time favourite.

Granted those genres are miles apart but I find something incredibly romantic about escaping to a world that has been lovingly created by an author. I enjoy trying to connect with them through their imagination, wondering where they were and what they were doing when they developed such magical worlds.

Writing my own novel was the best experience I’ve ever had career wise, and it makes the struggles I have faced in my past careers all worth the while.

After losing my career as a nurse following a car accident, I began a promising psychology career, even winning an award for my undergraduate degree. However, I became a single parent three years ago and sacrificed another dream to set up a laundry and ironing business, which enabled me to be at home with my son.

Despite many commitments, a further relationship breakdown and 3 family bereavements, I was determined to develop a rewarding career and make my little man proud.

That’s when I decided to begin a writing career and I developed the Eden Saga. Such a path enabled me to stay at home and give him all the extra support he needed whilst also having something for myself.

I’m now the happiest I’ve ever been, I’m closer to my son than ever and I’ve finally released my novel as an e-book which is available on all major platforms.

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Win a book: When the Serpent Bites by Nesly Clerge

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Frederick Starks has it all—a gorgeous wife who was his high school sweetheart, three beautiful children, a mansion and cars others envy, millions in the bank, respected in his community, admired by his employees, loved and respected by loyal friends. He revels in the hard-earned power and control he’s acquired. As the saying goes, “All that glitters is not gold,” which Starks discovers when gut-wrenching betrayal by his wife sends him over the edge and into a maximum security prison. There, Starks is a new “fish,” stripped of nearly everything he’s always relied on. In that place, where inmates and guards have their own rules and codes of conduct, Starks is forced to face the darker side of life, and his own darker side, especially when the betrayals, both inside and outside the prison, don’t stop. He must choose which path to follow when the line between right and wrong becomes blurred: one that leads to getting out of the physical and emotional hellhole he finds himself in or one that keeps him alive.

Enjoy an exclusive excerpt:

Jakes and Camello arrived to take him to his next session with Demory. Starks’s was surprised at how much he was looking forward to it: it was time out of solitary, and in a more normal environment, even if the counselor usually annoyed him.

He’d have to pass by the gang member’s cell again, so fixed his face into one absent of expression. Whether or not the man was waiting for him to walk by, or was even in his cell this time, it was smarter not to appear frightened or intimidated. And it wasn’t just the gang member he needed to show this face to, it was for every inmate who stood by to watch the show. Enough eyes focused on him that he wondered if tickets were being sold.

Starks sat in his usual chair in Demory’s office. As soon as the guards closed the door, he leaned over with his elbows rested on his knees. He took several shallow breaths then looked up. The doctor was watching him.

“How’s it going?” Demory asked.

“I’ve had better days.”

“Want to talk about it?”

“Not really, Doc.” Starks leaned back, glanced around.

“I’m not a doctor.”

“I know. If it’s all the same to you, I’ll use the moniker.”

“Fine with me.” Demory sat forward, pen poised over paper. “We’ll get straight to it, then. Did you give any more thought to what we discussed last time? Feelings? Forgiveness?”

“Until you walk a mile in my shoes, Doc . . .”

“I can’t help you if you won’t talk to me.”

“Help me to what? Forgive? Screw that. You have no idea what I went through in the past few years.”

“I will, if you’ll tell me. I have an idea that it was traumatic in order to cause a man of your intelligence and reputation to end up sitting across from me. Starks, c’mon. A violent attack on the outside. A violent attack in here. Attempted suicide. That’s a drastic change for a man like you. If for no other reason, satisfy my professional curiosity.”

Starks dropped his head into his hands and moaned.

Demory tossed his pen onto his notepad. “Start somewhere.”

Starks stared at the restraints around his wrists. “I worked my ass off to give her and our children everything. Other than the long hours, she has no idea what it took for me to really build my first business then the satellite businesses, and to keep them profitable. She helped me at the start, sure. But at the first sign of success, she wanted more. I just never realized how much: Personal trainers for her and the kids, live-in nanny, Ferrari, mansion, expensive clothes and jewels—got them all. Stress-free life for her, burdens out the ass for me. Look how she repaid me.”

“How did she repay you?”

Starks slammed his hands on the desk, ignoring the dents the wrist cuffs made in the wood, and the fact that Demory jumped back. “She lied and cheated with not only Ozy but with other employees at her job. Yeah, they worked in the same office. According to Ozy, every man in his firm had his turn with her. More than once. Who knows how many others she was with who didn’t work there.”

About the Author:Nesly Clerge received his bachelor’s degree in physiology and neurobiology at the University of Maryland, and later pursued a doctoral degree in the field of chiropractic medicine. Although his background is primarily science-based, he has finally embraced his lifelong passion for writing. Clerge’s debut novel, When the Serpent Bites, will be available in 2015, with the sequel to follow in 2016. His debut novel explores choices, consequences, and the complexities of human emotions, especially when we are placed in a less-than-desirable setting. When he is not writing, Clerge manages several multidisciplinary clinics. He enjoys reading, chess, traveling, exploring the outdoors, and spending time with his significant other and his sons.

Website | Twitter | Facebook

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Win a $25 GC: Frost Burn by K.T. Munson and Nichelle Rae

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Fire and Frost; no two nations have ever been so divided. Only two bridges across the great River Gora connects them and their long standing hatred. When spring comes early, the Frost Nation looks upon the Fire Nation with suspicion. Soon they will discover that the rising rivers, warmer temperatures, and the earthquakes are all a result of something far more terrifying then each other. When the world seems to turn against them they will only have each other to look to. Can they put their differences aside long enough to fix their planet? They must or face extinction.

Enjoy an exclusive excerpt:

“Lady Aradel.” Tallus’s voice broke into her thoughts, and she turned around again, unable to hide her surprise that he approached her. “It is good to see you again.”

She felt her cheeks warm softly at his attention. She glanced back at him to find him grinning unabashed. Careful not to stumble over her words she replied, “And you. In these trying times it is good to see a familiar face.”

“Yes,” he replied still grinning. “I just wanted to thank you again.”

“Your continual thanks aren’t necessary,” Aradel replied, facing him completely. “You and your father have worked tirelessly. Has there been any progress at The Wall?”

The Queen elects had each been assigned weeks at the wall, and hers had already passed. It would be some time before Aradel would be up again to help with the repair. Queen Vesna had been talking about going to their mountain palace. Deep within the Lonely Mountains, the power to repair The Wall was waiting for them. They would need to journey there to see if the moon pearls could harness the power of the ancient Ice Crystal and fix the tear in the magical fabric of The Wall.

Tallus’s grin fell a little. “It is higher, but continues to slowly melt. It will take some time for it to return to its former glory.”

Aradel nodded, guarding her emotions, and looked back over the river. A light fog kissed the surface of the water, but she could still see when the first boat broke the horizon. It seemed that fewer ships with fewer people were coming toward them than had last time. She glanced back at Tallus and found that he, too, was watching the boats.

“I had better go back,” he muttered and started away.

Aradel faced him. “Tallus,” she said. He paused, looking back at her expectantly. For some reason she felt comfortable around him even though she had known him such a short time. There was something unassuming about him that put her at ease. “Please be careful,” she finally added.

He nodded eagerly as he replied, “I always am.”

About the Author: K.T. Munson is an independent author who enjoys creating worlds with words. First published at 5 years old in the young writers conference, she has pursued writing ever since. She maintains a blog that is about writing and her novels. She was born and raised in the last frontier, the great state of Alaska.

Nichelle Rae was born and raised in Massachusetts. Her love for writing began when she was fourteen years old. Through the years she has gotten much praise from peers, professors, and professional author’s she has had a chance to work with on her writing and her ability to put emotions into text and fantastic action scenes.

Buy the book for only $0.99 at Amazon.

Book Facebook Page ~ Nichelle Rae Facebook Page ~ K.T. Munson Facebook Page ~ Book Twitter ~ K.T. Munson Twitter ~ Nichelle Rae Twitter ~ K.T. Munson Blog

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Fibers by Jennifer-Crystal Johnson - Spotlight and Giveaway

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Anna Reynolds is caught up in the middle of a secret interdimensional government agreement... and she doesn't even know it.

There's a medical anomaly loosely dubbed Morgellons disease afflicting a number of people. Symptoms include open sores that produce colorful string-like fibers, fatigue, and nightmarish visions of shadowy figures. No one knows where it came from. No one knows what causes it. There is no cure.

When Anna begins having nightmares and waking hallucinations of the shadow people, her uneasiness about her condition grows. Enlisting the help of her doctor and some friends, Anna is determined to find out what's really going on and why Morgellons is such a mystery.

With her health declining and doubts about whom she can trust, is Anna doomed to become a slave to her condition? Or will she and her unlikely group of would-be heroes come through, saving her... and, ultimately, the world?

Enjoy an excerpt:

As Anna walked home through the glistening streets of Deeplake, Washington, she adjusted her scarf and wrapped her coat around herself tightly, her breath fogging up the air in front of her. After a brief glance over her shoulder, she quickened her pace, her bag of groceries teetering in her arms momentarily as she readjusted her grip.

She’d been feeling like someone was watching or following her for weeks. At first she just shrugged it off as her own overactive imagination, but the other day, she could’ve sworn she saw a shadow out of the corner of her eye. When she looked, there was nothing there. That wasn’t the first time she had seen shadows. They were always there, just out of sight, their existence never confirmed by a direct glance. But every time it happened, she got goosebumps and the hair on the back of her neck stood on end like it does when you know someone is watching you.

Her left eye began to feel itchy and grainy as she walked, and she cursed herself for not driving. She blinked several times, but after a few moments her eye felt like it had sand in it again. This was accompanied by an unpleasant tickling sensation, which became annoying very quickly.

Her thoughts wandered as her eye got worse. She felt guilty but justified for not mentioning her problems to Casey, who had more than enough on her plate already. She also didn’t want to come across as crazy; Anna was certain she wasn’t. Some of the recent events in her life were crazy, but she was definitely sane.

Do crazy people think they’re sane?

About the Author:
Jennifer-Crystal Johnson is originally from Germany, but was raised an Army brat. She has published one novella under her former last name, The Outside Girl: Perception is Reality (Publish America, 2005 - out of print as of 2013), a poetry book, Napkin Poetry (Broken Publications, 2010), and a collection of poetry, art, and prose called Strangers with Familiar Faces (Broken Publications, 2011). She's also published a collection of short creature horror stories called If You're Human Don't Open the Door (Broken Publications, 2012), a personal development book called The Ten Pillars of a Happy Relationship (Broken Publications, 2014), and a collection of more horror stories (no creatures this time, just people) called Our Capacity for Evil (Broken Publications, 2015). She has several poems and short stories published on Every Writer's Resource and has recently published a science fiction novel called Fibers, the first book in the Infiltration Trilogy. Jen owns and operates Broken Publications ( and publishes an annual anthology to raise awareness about domestic violence called Soul Vomit ( When she isn't writing or editing, she enjoys playing games with her three kids, watching crime shows on Netflix, or reading. She lives in WA State with her three children, three cats, and a crazy puppy named Thor.

website ~ Twitter ~ Facebook.

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Win a $25 GC - Trifling Favors by Heather Hiestand

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The sweetest treat is a kiss…

Greggory Redcake's plate is full. Widowed young and left with two small children, the manager of the Kensington location of the illustrious tea shop is besieged on all sides between the bakery and family matters. If only his remarkably efficient shop assistant, Betsy Popham, could manage his home life, too! But Greggory can't linger on thoughts of Betsy's fetching smile when a dead body is discovered in the bakery…

Betsy has no time for romance, not even with the delectable Mr. Redcake, whose kisses are all too unforgettable. Haunted by a specter from her family's past, Betsy is terrified that the man blackmailing her has turned to deadly violence. Yet the only way to save her position--and possibly her life--is to accept Greggory's help as their delicious attraction sweetens into the tantalizing promise of true love…

Enjoy an exclusive excerpt:

“I am intimately acquainted with that blackguard,” she said.

“Lovers?” Greggory asked. Surely this sensual creature was not a virgin, despite her father.

“No.” She shook her head vehemently.

He had to admit to himself that he had sometimes fantasized about her coming to him at the end of the day and having her way with him in his office. His brother always insisted you could tell if a woman was still a virgin by the way she walked. Apparently, he had misjudged her sensuality. That bottom-centric walk of hers hadn’t meant she’d felt the pleasure of a man’s intimate touch.

He put a hand to his forehead. Really, his disordered thoughts were taking him places they really should not. “Why did you call him a blackguard? Do you know that he is a murderer?”

“No, but he is a blackmailer.”

“Who has he blackmailed?”


“What would he have on you?”

“He knew I was closer than I should be to Ewan Hales. He threatened to tell my father about my bad behavior. We were not engaged, though I hoped we would be. Later, I didn’t want Ewan knowing about my mother. I didn’t want anyone at Redcake’s to know.”

Greggory tried hard to follow her. Ewan Hales, now Lord Fitzwalter, had been the secretary at the flagship Redcake’s for years, until he’d discovered he was the heir to an earldom. “When was this?”

“Four years ago.”

“What didn’t you want Lord Fitzwalter to know about your mother?”

Betsy’s lips trembled again. He stroked her hair and caressed her shoulders until her face relaxed.

“She killed two men,” she whispered. “Simon found out somehow. He made me leave Ewan and pretend to be his. He left me alone for a long time, but today he came here, as you know, and talked about us getting married. I’m afraid he killed that man to scare me.”

About the Author:
Heather Hiestand was born in Illinois, but her family migrated west before she started school. Since then she has claimed Washington State as home, except for a few years in California. She wrote her first story at age seven and went on to major in creative writing at the University of Washington. Her first published fiction was a mystery short story, but since then it has been all about the many flavors of romance. Heather’s first published romance short story was set in the Victorian period, and she continues to return, fascinated by the rapid changes of the nineteenth century. The author of many novels, novellas, and short stories, she has achieved best-seller status at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. With her husband and son, she makes her home in a small town and supposedly works out of her tiny office, though she mostly writes in her easy chair in the living room.

For more information, visit Heather’s website at Heather loves to hear from readers! Her email is

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