Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Ten Unusual Things About Me

This week's challenge it to come up with ten unusual things about me--this was tough, y'all! In no particular order, here you go.

1. I am the only blue-eyed grandchild on my maternal grandparents' side of the family (contrariwise, my sister was the only brown-eyed grandchild on the paternal grandparents' side).

2. I have lived or visited in four continents: North America, South America, Europe, and Africa.

3. My first two toes on both feet are slightly joined at the bottom - so are my daughters' and at least one granddaughter's.

4. I will only drink Coke products (well, and Dr Pepper) but ... the ice has to go in first and then the drink poured over. Otherwise it goes flat.

5. As a kid, I didn't like peanut butter, so Mama would make me butter and jelly sandwiches.

6. I can't sleep unless I'm on the left side of the bed. Even if I'm in the bed alone.

7. I hate Crocs and won't wear them. Ever.

8. I was reared in the Methodist church and have attended nondenominational and been a member of Baptist and Episcopal churches. We are currently attending a Lutheran church. Ecumenical spirit here (one online "test" suggested I would be well suited attending a Quaker church)

9. I taught ESL in Brazil for several years-- British English (and I actually had to ask someone what the American for a "return ticket" was because I forgot.

10. I visited Ireland several years ago and felt like I had gone home.

And.. there you have it. Ten more or less unusual things about me. What about you? Am I all alone with these?


  1. Cool stuff!!!! Jelly and butter are actually one of my favorite comfort food!!!

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  3. You're missing out with your unreasonable hatred of Crocs... they are the most comfortable things EVER. The kid wears hers to wait tables. And they come in quite fashionable styles now. You should consider them again... just saying. :-)

    I'm here:

    PS. I deleted my first comment because there was a grammar boo-boo. ACK!!

  4. Your toes sound very interesting! Has a doctor ever commented on them while examining you? It does sound like it's a genetic trait in your family.

    I don't like crocs either.

    My post.

  5. Lydia, not mine.. but they did on my granddaughter's... that's when we started looking and realized that all three generations were like that. It's like "webbed toes" but not as noticeable as a lot of them.

  6. Marianne.. I might look at some of the other styles... but the originals... no thank you! lol

  7. Peggy.. now I'm craving a butter and jelly sammich!!

  8. I can't stand Crocs. Sorry. Can't do it. But love the list!! :-) You're awesome.

  9. Oh I love peanut butter. It's a main stay at my house! Yep love Coke products. Pepsi too sweet for me! Have a great week! LOL

  10. Lots of secrets we get to know...neat that you taught ESL. I always wondered what that would be like as I had a brother-in-law who taught ESL in Japan and Malaysia. I think he and his family enjoyed it but also always felt a little isolated.

  11. I don't like peanut butter either. Luckily here in the UK we don't really do peanut butter and jelly so it was easy to avoid.


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