Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Favorite Halloween Treats

Win a $15 GC: Iridescent by S.H. Everly

Win a $25 GC: Lady and the Tribe by Brenda Billings Ridgley

Win a $15 GC: Divorce Bucket List by Jennifer Harris

Win a $15 GC: All is Set Anew by Jim Cheney

Win a $25 GC: Something Discovered by Bernadette Marie

Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Scariest Book I've Ever Read

Win a $20 GC: The Cairns of Sainctuarie series by Hawk MacKinney

Friday Five: lesson, pop, trench, knife, certain

Win a $20 GC: To Entice a Spy by Diane Scott Lewis

Wednesday Weekly Blogging: An Odd or Useless Talent

Friday Five: hang, resign, acid, glide, midnight

Wednesday Weekly Blogging: Required Reading in School - Yea or Nay?