Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: TV Show/Movie/Book that could be about me

This is a very hard topic (or a very easy one, depending on your perspective). There are absolutly no TV shows, movies, or books that could be about me, because it would make a very boring TV show, movie, or book. I had a good childhood, but not exceptional. I lived with my divorced mom, grandparents, and younger sister. It definitely wasn't "Father Knows Best" (no father in the picture) or "Leave it to Beaver" (we were not terribly mischievous ... Granddaddy was the fire chief and the town was small and if we did anything, Grandmama would know it before we got home.

No excitement with my life as a teen... we spent every weekend at the lake so I didn't do a lot of hanging out with friends a la "Happy Days" or "Grease."

As an adult, I've worked, raised kids, been a wife and business owner. I can't think of a lot of movies or books that focus on that either.

If y'all can think of anything that might fit me, let me know. I'ld love to know!


  1. Your childhood sounds quite happy!

    And, yeah, there aren’t a lot of stories about folks who had great childhoods. LOL.

  2. I had a struggle with this one, too. I had a good childhood that was rather unremarkable, too.

  3. There's a lot to be said for being pleasantly boring; I ran into the same issue myself in trying to answer this.

  4. I thought this topic was hard, too. There wasn't one book or movie that exactly reflected my life, but there are certain characters or elements in movies or books I can relate to. Now that I think about it, one of my favorite movies, Paterson, is about an average guy with an average life. Just his wife, his job, and his writing. Sometimes that's the best. :-)

  5. Yes, I struggled with this one for the same reason. I haven't lived a very entertaining life.


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