Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: How I Take Care of My Health

I love this topic, because I've been trying to take better care of myselt, especially since I'm a woman "of a certain age." And, there are a lot of easy ways to take care of our health.

One of the main things I have done is to start watching my steps. With a sedentary job (keeping LASR and Goddess Fish up requires a LOT of computer time), it's really important to make sure I move more. My fitbit is excellent about reminding me to get up and move around. I love that, because I get involved in something, and the first thing I know - I've been sitting working on the computer for several hours.

Another thing I've done is download a drinking water app that reminds me to get up and drink some water. I don't drink nearly enough water - I'll have a cup sitting next to me, but it may take me all day to finish it. With the drink app (and my new handy dandy water jug) I'm drinking a lot more! My goal is 100 oz/day. I'm not quite there yet... but I'm getting closer!!

I also joined Weight Watchers a few years ago and am eating a lot healthier. I'm a southern girl, y'all, and grew up on all things fried. And, I still indulge occasionally (that being the operative word). But I've found out that a lot of what I've always loved, I can make in my air fryer with very little fat and enjoy it just as much. This is the one I have, and I love it!

Waiting for warmer weather when I can get back to daily swimming. The excercise I love the most!

What about you? Give me your hints for taking care of your health.


Lydia said…
What water drinking app do you use?

I struggle to remember to drink enough of it.
Judy said…
Lydia, it's called Water Drinking Reminder (such a very clever name... lol).
Marianne Arkins said…
LOVE that water bottle!!
I want a wonder woman water bottle lol!
That's a great idea to set a reminder to drink more water. It's so easy to get carried away in the day and not think about it. Great idea!
Michael Mock said…
I'm currently working to get back to the "eat less and exercise" approach to self-care, though since we're kind of trapped in the house right now that's easier said than done. The water app sounds like a great idea!
P M Prescott said…
The water app sounds great. I'll have to get it.
Aymee said…
My Samsung watch tells me to get up and take a walk which always makes me laugh. But it is a good reminder!

One of the benefits of living in such a dry climate is that I drink a LOT of water during the day, especially in the summer. I'm shocked I don't float some days.

Ugh - I'm from the Midwest so I get it. If it isn't fried, it's covered in cheese. Hahaha. I splurged on the Ninja Foodi Grill and I love that thing. So worth it!

My post
Fiona McGier said…
I'm from the Midwest also. Husband is Polish, so he craves heavy foods, and grist for his sweet tooth--I had to hide some of the paczkis I bought yesterday--I froze them without telling him! LOL.

And me faither was from Glesga, and Scottish people deep-fry everything they like! Have you ever had a deep-fried twinkie? Or Snickers bar? Yup, they have some weird preferences.

I try to stick to 6-8 fruits and veggies per day, and I always eat breakfast. Everything else is negotiable.
Shari Elder said…
I'm vegetarian so I get in the veggies and fruits too. Fried is vegetarian, sadly. So is most candy, ice cream.
I've been meaning to start Weight Watchers myself. It's getting motivated that's the hard part.