Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: A Book/Movie/TV Show that changed my life

Okay, I admit to being a bit stymied about this one... with the exception of the Bible. I don't talk about my faith much... to me, it's very much a personal thing, but there it is.

I could name Little Women...that book probably was the first that really stirred my desire to write. So, there's that. But, did it really change my life? I don't know. I've always loved to read, and I think that many times a love for reading just morphs into a love for writing as well.

Movies and TV shows? I watch for enjoyment. Or I watch The Great Courses. Those are interesting... check them out if you can. But I can't think of any of them that might have changed my life. There are some I think everyone should watch... Schindler's List is one of them. It's not an enjoyable movie.. but I think it's a movie everyone needs to see.

What about you?


Little Women was such a great book to read! Its been sitting on my TBR again pile for a little while now!
Lydia said…
Schlinder's List was a great film. I think i was the first Holocaust/World War II film I ever watched!
There's nothing wrong with watching a show/movie/etc just for entertainment. I like that idea. And Little Women was a great book.

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Marianne Arkins said…
Little Women needs the ending rewritten, I'm sorry. Jo should have ended up with Laurie. I'm going to be sore about that forever.

I saw Schindler's List in the theater with my mom (who was born in 1933, so the war was very real for her). At the end, they play part of a radio broadcast that she remembered because her father cried when it played originally. Seeing the movie with someone who was "there" made it even more impactful. And, yes, everyone should watch it.
collettakay said…
Little Women is one of my all time favorites! I was so excited when my daughter read it and loved it too :) Thanks for stopping by!

P M Prescott said…
I'm glad you mentioned the Bible.
Mary Morgan said…
I adored Little Women, Judy! And I agree with you about Schindler's List. Everyone needs to watch this movie. Thanks for visiting my blog. :)
Little Women is a classic! I love that book too but, I think it's awesome that it was one of the first books to inspire you to write. That's a great influence in my book ;)
Tena Stetler said…
Oh, I loved Little Women. It was my favorite book for a long time. I carried it around so much, I nearly wore the cover off. Still have it, but in a plastic bag because it's falling apart. LOL Thanks for sharing!
Shari Elder said…
I agree that it was hard to find a book that was life changing. I opted for those that I find thought provoking.
Fiona McGier said…
No one reads the classics anymore. When my now young-adult kids were in school, no one read Mark Twain, or Louisa Mae Alcott, so they'd have no idea what "Little Women" is. Sad, but true.

Ah yes, Schindler's List. When I was subbing for a high school I no longer sub for, the "Film" class teacher needed a sub often. Being an English major, I usually enjoyed it. But gradually I came to realize that every darned time there was going to be a nude scene shown that day, was when he'd call for a sub. There's only one nude scene in Schindler's List--when all of the Jewish people are forced to run around the courtyard naked. Yup, I was there that day. There's only one nude scene in The Godfather--when Michael is seducing his virgin wife on their wedding night--yup, I was there that day too. Sigh.
I need to re-read Little Women. I've been meaning to for ages.