Wednesday Weekly Blogginig Challenge: Things that Will Make Me Stop Reading a Book

When I was younger, I was of the opinion that if I started a book, I was duty bound to finish the book whether I was enjoying it or not. Don't start something you are not going to finish. My grandmother's mantra - from everything to housework to sewing to projects.

However, the older I get the more I realize that there are too many books and not enough time - and time is too valuable to waste on something you aren't enjoying.

Normally, I will give a book three chapters - I figure at the end of that, if I'm not invested in a book's plot or characters, I'm not likely to be. So, there's one reason to stop reading a book. I get to the end of chapter three - if I don't care whether I finish reading it or not, I'll put it down. If the writing is good, I'll probably hang on to it, because I recognize it might be me and not the book. I'll put it aside and try it another time.

However, if the book is poorly edited, it doesn't even get the three chapters. And, unfortunately, that's true even if I'm interested in the story, because it drives me nuts. An occasional typo- okay, I can live with that. But a book that has obviously not seen an editor's pen... sorry. I can't do it. I spend all my time mentally editing it and when I read, I want to take off that hat.

Another thing that will make me put a book down is blatant head hopping (yes, I'm speaking to you, Nora). Drives me up a wall. Funnily enough, I love JD Robb's writing.. go figure.

I'm normally very forgiving in my reading though...different strokes and all that. What about you? What makes you not want to finish a book?


peggy jaeger said…
Haha that makes me laugh about Nora because she does do the same thing as her doppleganger!!! hee hee
P M Prescott said…
I'm usually quicker than three chapters.
Lydia said…
I feel the same way about poorly edited books!
I've never read a Nora, but it's funny you mention that head-hopping thing. And the editing thing. Yeah, that's a reason I'd put it down, too. Good post!
Mary Morgan said…
"Don't start something you are not going to finish." Yikes! This was one of my mother's favorite lines, too. When I grew up, I found it refreshing NOT to finish reading a book. And head-hopping irritates me, especially if it's a constant throughout a book. I will be forgiving with a smidgen but not the entire story. Yes, Nora is the Queen of head-hopping, lol!
Tena Stetler said…
Isn't that strange, head hopping doesn't bother me, if it's done well. ie Nora Roberts/JD Robb.
"Don't start something you are not going to finish was my mom's mantra. Must be the generation we were raised in. LOL Thanks for sharing. Here's mine.
I always will drop a book if it's badly edited, or clearly not edited at all. It's the grammarian in me that does it.