Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Things I Collect

Okay.. this is a group of readers and I'm sure on many of your lists will be books. And, I'm no different. I know I have more books than I will probably ever have time to read (and this is just print books... don't get me started on what's on my ereader). And yet... I still buy them, especially when they are on sale. What can I say?

I have a new kids say I need an intervention. I have started buying tumblers from Piper Lou... they are so very very handy. And, yep, I have a collection of them started and don't see that changing any time soon.

Here are three of them I sent to the company as part of a contest (I didn't win... there were a lot more that were more creative than mine.. but I'll keep trying!)

I also collect kitchen gadgets... okay, I guess that's not really a "collection" but I do like to buy them. And use them. And recipes as well. My husband tells people that I like to cook and he likes to eat, so we're a match made in heaven.

My grandmother collected salt and pepper shakers....I loved them. She had well over 300 pairs. Unfortunately, they were all at our lake house when it burned down and that was the end of that collection.

I'm trying hard to simplify my life now, though, so I'm doing my best not to get TOO many new things (other than books and Piper Lou tumblers, that is)... lol.


Lydia said…
How did you first get into buying tumblers? And what is your most interesting kitchen gadget?
Books are always a win. :-) I have no idea what's on my reader, but I'm sure I"ll never get them all read. :-)
Oh, those tumblers look cute! I just recently started buying mugs with cute and inspirational sayings or characters from shows (mostly Disney). I'm trying not to let this start into a collection. I only have so much room in my cupboard! lol
Michael Mock said…
The tumblers look really interesting - how did you get into that? And are you decorating them yourself?

I collect ceramic mugs (and other things - my list is here) but it sounds like you're doing something more expressive in the tumbler collection.
Aymee said…
I have so many kitchen gadgets... *sigh* My husband was very techy and loved gadgets and apparently I needed them, too. Hahaha.

I'm so sorry about the salt and pepper shaker collection though. :(

I hear you on simplifying and decluttering. I'm working on that as well and it's hard.

My post.
Tena Stetler said…
Oh, my grandmother used to collect salt and pepper shakers she had hundreds of them. I got a few when she passed and they are dear to my heart. Kitchen gadgets I love. What's your favorite? Thanks so much for sharing. Loved your post. Here's mine.
P M Prescott said…
I wouldn't call them a collection, but we do have a few salt and pepper shakers. I really like the one that are green and red chile.
Mary Morgan said…
I still have my collection of old and rare books. Not as many, but they are treasured gems. Great post! Love your tumblers.
Definitely books. I must have thousands.