Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Books set in my city or state

I live in a relatively small town in south Georgia - Tifton. And, while we have some local authors (Brenda Sutton Rose and Janie Hopwood, among others, to my knowledge we do not have any fiction books set in Tifton itself.

However, I have seen Tifton mentioned in a couple of Karin Slaughter's books (Faithless and Skin Privilege come to mind) and, I have to admit, it always gives me a It has also been mentioned in John Sandford's Neon Prey - you can read about it in an interview with the author!

In Georgia itself there are way too many to name. A few that come to mind:

All of Karen Slaughter's books
Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by John Berend
Cold Sassy Tree by Olive Ann Burns
Between, Georgia by Joshilyn Jackson
The Night the Lights Went Out by Karen White

There are too many more to name...and I'm out of time!! :-)


Lydia said…
It's pretty cool that you live in the same state where Gone with the Wind was set!

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Very neat. I thought someone had my mom's maiden name in their book, but it was spelled differently, so not quite as fun. Close. I love Georgia. It's so pretty there. :-) Great post!
P M Prescott said…
Drove through Atlanta at five in the morning on a bus with 40 high school kids going to North Carolina. It was very peaceful. What I remember is the highways from Louisiana to NC were like a tunnel with trees on both sides and Kudzu everywhere. I read GWTW and realized how much they left out in the movie.
Mary Morgan said…
Amazing! Those are all fascinating reads Judy! Thanks for sharing.
Tena Stetler said…
Georgia is a neat state. Love the area around Lake Lanier. Have a friend who used to live there. Enjoyed your post. Thanks for sharing. Here's mine.
Melanie said…
Midnight in the Garden sounds interesting, I'll have to look into it! I've been meaning to read or watch Gone with the Wind for years - particularly as everyone keeps telling me there's a Melanie in it XD Thanks for sharing!

Here's mine:
Georgia is such a pretty state! I visited when I was younger as well as driving through several times as an adult. And, I love Gone with the Wind! The movie and the book. Nice list! Thanks for sharing!
Catherine said…
Georgia definitely makes me think of Gone With the Wind - I love when my home town gets a tiny mention in books too
Dixie Jackson said…
I absolutely love Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Next time we're in Savannah I want to take the trolley tour. We may have to meet up for a cuppa of something when I'm down that way.
Fiona McGier said…
So interesting to see where all of the other authors are from! I've never been to Georgia. If we ever get to retire, our intention is to camp in all 50 states, before we head into Canada.
Cathryn Hein said…
Thanks so much for that book list. I really like the sound of The Night the Lights Went Out. Am adding that one to my wish pile.
One day I will get to visit the US and Georgia, and get all warm and tingly from everyone's accent!
Definitely a few to add to my read list.