Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: A Villain I Wish Could be Redeemed and Why

I have thought and pondered about this all week and the only name I can come up with is.... he who should not be named. And, it's not actually's the Tom Riddle that might have been. But, saying that, even with Tom, he showed no sense of wanting to be redeemed. He shares many of the stereotypes about serial killers/psychopaths:

~unhappy parents
~tortured and killed animals
~collected trophies

And, the more I type, the more I'm thinking that Voldemort could not be redeemed....unless it was early early in his life, but then, we wouldn't have a Harry Potter series to enjoy.

What about you?


  1. Voldemort is a good choice! But, yeah, the Harry Potter series wouldn't have existed if he'd gotten early intervention in life and learned how to be a good person.

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  2. Tom Riddle is an interesting choice; it's a pity that the wizarding world uses magic to solve everything, since I think extensive therapy might have done more good here. And maybe he was never really going to be redeemed, but maybe he could have channeled his brokenness into something less destructive -- training Dementors, for example -- instead of becoming the Dark Lord.

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  3. I like the distinction between Voldemort and Tom. If Tom had been redeemed as a boy, it would have saved so many people. He had all the classic signs, but I guess magic can be as corrupting as it is wonderous. Great choice!

  4. It was a difficult topic for some reason. But I liked your answer. Interesting consideration. But I'd rather have the Harry Potter series that redeem Voldemort. LOL Thanks for sharing. Here's mine.

  5. You could see in the movies, that Dumbledore tried to turn Riddle to the good side, but it was not to be. Sociopaths make great villains, but there's not much to reform or redeem in them.

  6. Voldemort, YYEESSS!!! Definitely a great choice!! But I think maybe he was just too bad... like you said, I think he tops the psychopath spectrum.

  7. It was a difficult topic. I agree it would have been interesting to see Voldemort redeemed.

  8. I wanted to post this meme but it won't let me do an image, so here's the link:

  9. This was SUCH a hard topic!
    Tom Riddle is an interesting choice. I'm not sure I'd be that sympathetic but I get what you mean.


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