Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Characters Who Remind Me of Myself and Why

I have been thinking and thinking and, boy, this was hard! There are a lot of characters that I would LIKE to think I was like: Anne of Green Gables and Jo from Little Women pop into my head first. But, they don't really remind me of me.

There is one character who does, though... Pollyanna, she of the "glad game" fame.

To illustrate, we lived in North Carolina when Hurricane Fran came through (September 5, 1996... it was still a hurricane when it hit Wake Forest). We were without power for over a week. Thankfully, we still had water!

My oldest daughter (16 at the time) was complaining about how hot it was... and I suggested that we just pretend we were living in Little House on the Prairie days.... it was an adventure.

Her response?

Hands on hips in typical teenage fashion: "Mom, do you always have to be so cheerful about EVERYTHING?????"

So... yep... Pollyanna it is, I'm afraid.


I believe it was a Monty Python song that says, always look on the bright side of life. Why not? I like the story. :-) Pollyanna isn't so bad sometimes.
Lydia said…
Ha! I love it.

Cheerfulness is a good thing, though.

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Dixie Jackson said…
There should be more Pollyannas in the world. :) We missed hurricane Fran. We were stationed in Missouri at the time.
Mary Morgan said…
You should see my smile! I'm one where the glass is always half-full and smiling. Enjoyed your post, Judy. :)
Aymee said…
Hahaha! That's a wonderful trait to have, honestly! While I'm not that uplifting, I do try and put a positive spin on things. Doesn't help that I work with a bunch of downers though. LOL!

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Tena Stetler said…
Nothing wrong with being a Pollyanna! Isn't it funny how teenage girls are sll quite alike. Thanks for sharing. Here's mine.
Michael Mock said…
Spider Robinson (SF author) has a rather elaborate essay on the moral value of hope. ("Pandora's last gift" if I remember correctly.) There are worse character traits to have!

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P M Prescott said…
There's nothing wrong with Pollyanna's. The world ne more people like that. Brought to mind Melony in Gone With the Wind too.
Cathryn Hein said…
This was a thought-provoking topic, wasn't it? Love your Pollyanna comparison. As others have said, nothing wrong with being positive!
And why not? We all need a Pollyanna from time to time.