Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Types of Exercise I Enjoy

Okay.... I admit it up front. I'm not a huge fan of exercise. Never have been, even as a kid. Our principal used to take us out for "PE" last hour of school...4-6 graders. Sometimes, I would hide in the bathroom until everyone left and then sneak to the library (which had awesome high backed wooden benches in the back) and read until I heard everyone come in. Then would join the group. Looking back, I'm sure I didn't fool everyone, but there you have it... my rebel But, I don't like to be sweaty, and I find most forms of exercise boring.

However, I do have a few I enjoy... number one has got to be swimming. Thankfully we have a pool and once it gets warm enough, I'm in it at least an hour a day. Pure heaven.

I don't mind walking as long as I'm walking with someone or a group. Just for the companionship. And, I have to take a shower as soon as I get back home... I can't stand being sweaty.

And, I love dancing. Sometimes when I'm cleaning (especially when I'm in the house alone) I crank the music up so I can hear it all over the house and go to town!

What about you?


Marianne Arkins said…
I put music on when I do outdoor chores (raking and yesterday when I was shoveling snow) and I really REALLY hope no one is around with a phone because I actually do break out it awkward dancing now and them. LOL!

I have a heated, indoor pool on my (probably never going to get one) wish list. I'd swim every day if I could. Only reason I have to move south (but, then there are those dang palmetto bugs).
P M Prescott said…
Wife and I are enjoying the pool at our gym. They exercise is less stressful and it's fun with an instructor and other old farts like us.
Lydia said…
Dancing and walking were on my list, too.

And I loved your story about how you skipped out on elementary gym class. Too funny.

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Mary Morgan said…
Dancing is the best! Enjoyed your post, Judy!
Tena Stetler said…
Swimming, dancing and walking all up my alley. Dancing at home while doing house work, I admit to including cranking the music so the windows nearly rattle. LOL Good to know I'm not the only one. Thanks for sharing! here's mine
Aymee said…
Swimming is one of my favorite things to do. Also, one of the biggest plusses to living in the desert is that you can swim from May through September. :D

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If I could swim I would. I'm not a swimmer, but I can power walk with the best of them. :0)
Dixie Jackson said…
I absolutely loathed PE as a kid. I didn't learn to love exercise until I was an adult. Seems to be a lot of us today that are into swimming. Always a great choice!
Michael Mock said…
I enjoy swimming and walking (so do a lot of people, apparently!) but I've never tried dancing. I probably should, but here we are. I enjoyed PE as a kid, but then our PE instructor had his own ideas about what the topic included, and they didn't involve much of the standard team sports.

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Unknown said…
Haha. I have vivid memories of high school PE and refusing to participate in high jump. I did the running part, but skidded to a halt right before the bar. I got exceptionally good at feigning an injury, sickness or other excuse to get out of PE.
Cathryn Hein said…
Oh, lucky you on having a pool! I'm very jealous. I'd love a pool even though we're close to the beach. The ocean is fine but I do have a thing about sharks. Understandably!
I do love dancing, although I never dance in the house or I might go through the floor.