Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Book I Reread or Want to Reread

If you visit here much, you've probably heard me say I'm not much of a rereader.... too many books, too little time. (I also don't tend to rewatch shows unless it's been long enough I don't remember things). However, I do have some that I would like to reread... and honestly, a lot of them have come about because of doing this blogging challenge. Someone will mention an old series (and most of these are series) and it's been forever since I've read them, but remember them giving me happy times. So, in no particular order, some of the series I want to find time to reread (maybe when I retire):

and all the other Pern books!!

And...there you have it. Are you a rereader? What books are on your list?


  1. Would you believe I've never finished LOTR books? I get about 2/3 through Return of the King and fizzle... It's boring. I can't believe I said that out loud! LOL...

    RE: Thomas Covenant books... they were my first foray into books with an anti-hero, and I discovered quickly that I do not like that trope. I tried. I read a couple, but I can't read a book where I don't love the hero. Still, they were wildly popular, so I'm clearly in the minority.

    Interestingly, you aren't the first person to bring up the "A Wrinkle in Time" series. I own it myself, but find I only ever reread the first book.

    Good choices! And I know this was hard for you, lol...

  2. Those Pern books look interesting.

    And I found LoTR to be boring as well. I've only managed to finish that series once. (But I loved the films based on them because they cut straight to the action scenes!)

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  3. Mom ensured we listened to the entire Wrinkle in Time series. She read them to us before bed a chapter at a time. I've never gotten past 1/3 of the way through LotR. Just can't do it. Guess I'm not that big into sci-fi. Good list, though. :-)

  4. I've read all of Tolkien a couple of times and over a summer read it aloud to wife and children to make sure they knew the story before the movies came out.
    I've devoured all the Pern books, but liked the Harper Hall stories more than the dragons. I want a fire lizard.

  5. Great choices! I'm a huge fan of the Dragonriders of Pern! Wonderful series!

  6. I'm not a rereader either, but ever since they released the A Wrinkle in Time movie, I've been wanting to reread it, too.

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  7. Three cheers for a Wrinkle in Time!!
    I liked LOTR but I would be daunting to re-read them.

  8. Love Dragon Riders of Pern Series. A Wrinkle in time is also a favorite. Thanks for sharing. Here's mine.

  9. I'm like Marianne and never finished the Lord of the Rings books, whereas my other half re-reads them every couple of years. I ADORED The Hobbit though. Loved that book like mad growing up.
    Very much with you on the too many books, too little time sentiment. We need a spare lifetime so we can catch up on all the books we'll never get to in this one!

  10. I never did get through LOTR - I should try again.

  11. I've seen the Pern books mentioned twice so far. I don't read much fantasy, but they look right up my husband's alley. Might make a great gift for him. Making a note!


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