Wednesday Blogging Challenge: Books I'm Looking Forward to Reading in 2020

I have to admit that now I'm not working at the library, I have no idea what's coming out. So... what did I do? What every normal person does... I asked Google. And, it turns out, some of my favorite authors do have new releases. Fortunately, my library has an auto-add list so I don't have to remember. As soon as a new book from one of my favorite authors is released, I get added to the hold list. Makes life so much easier (I have too many other things to remember!) Here are a few of the ones I'm waiting on (in no particular order).

1. Golden in Death, J.D. Robb's 50th book in her In Death series is coming out in February (she also has another one scheduled to come out in September). If you have not read this series, I strongly recommend it. The mysteries are good but I really love her characters, both primary and secondary.

2.Chain of Gold is the first book in Cassandra Clare's new series The Last Hours, also set in her Shadowhunter world. It will be out on March 3 (my birthday is that month, if anyone is interested.. lol).

3. This is just a hoped for book since it's not officially been announced it will be out this year, but Diana Gabaldon is hoping for a release this year of her newest book in the Outlander series, Go Tell the Bees I'm Dead. Keeping my fingers crossed on this one!

There are a few other authors I'm still hoping will get their next book out this year.... but, since a couple of them just released books (that I'm already read :::pouting:::), it might be too much to ask!

How about you? What books are you looking forward to reading this year?


peggy jaeger said…
I can't wait for GOLDEN In death either!!! Got it preordered from Nora's store. Yowza!
Good list. I've not tried any of these authors. Guess I should, lol!
Lydia said…
I hope you enjoy both of these books!

My post.
Marianne Arkins said…
Love that your library has an auto-add list. That's COOL.

We have "Golden in Death" in common. But not Gabaldon. Heh.

Tena Stetler said…
Going to give Golden in Death a try. Not sure about JD Robb. Tried one, but didn't care for it, but been told I needed to start from the beginning so got Naked in Death. Thanks for sharing. Here's my list.
Michael Mock said…
I love that all of these are basically "I love this author and I want MORE!" selections. So many of my own are that way, too.

My list.
Cathryn Hein said…
That auto-add feature from your library sounds fab, Judy! Very handy.
Good list. I've never read any of these authors.