Wednesday Weekly Blogging: My Earliest Memory

I have to admit, I have very few memories before the age of 5. I have some faint "memories of memories", but my true earliest memories are from kindergarten. I have no idea which would be the earliest, but here are a few of them (in no particular order): 1. Learning to set the table (in particular the silverware) correctly. In case you don't know... here's the right way to do it:

2. Having snack in the backyard. Mrs. Fredericks (the owner of Mother Goose Kindergarten...back in the day before public kindergartens) had a wonderful little house in the backyard with the coolest door in the world (I thought at the age of 5) where the snacks were distributed on nice days.

3. The kindergarten class was in an enclosed carport. I remember when we were able to go up into Mrs. Frederick's house to watch the first American in space. This is probably what ignited my love for space.

What are some of your earliest memories?


  1. That's super cool she made sure you all watched the first American in space. Love that. Good memories, too. :-) That door is sill kinda cool.

  2. I agree with Megan. It's awesome she thought to have all of you kids watch the first American go to space. What a cool memory that must be.

    My post.

  3. Such great memories! I love that one you shared is of proper table etiquette. With all our lives in fast forward these days and many families not even sharing a meal, this is such a great reminder to not just slow down, but treat the occasion as a special one each and every time. Thanks for sharing!

  4. My wife still fusses at me when I set the table. Knife, fork, spoon on the right side, but she insists the fork should be on the left. 40+ years and I still know how to bug her.

  5. I miss that our kids aren't being taught proper etiquette any more... Mine was, but that doesn't mean she does it, lol.

    Good memories :-)

  6. "Forks on the left, knives and spoons on the right, Amy!" Something my mother said to me literally every night. I had a hard time with left vs. right when I was younger, so I was constantly getting it wrong. :)

    Great memories though!

  7. That's a really delightful way to serve snacks to children! And I love that she took you inside to watch us go into space.

    ...And it occurs to me that I really need to make sure my own children know how to set a table. It's not something we've really done, much.

    My answer is here.

  8. My MiL can always tell who sets the table if they're having dinner with the Husbeast and I.

    The Husbeast is left-handed and will always -- ALWAYS -- put down the cutlery in the opposite order.

    I think he just considers it years of revenge for scissors that never work right, even if they're made for sinistrals ;)

  9. Those are lovely memories.
    I'm kind of lax on table etiquette, but thanks to grandma my daughter learned the right way.

  10. I would have loved to watch the first American in space.


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