Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Things that Scare Me

I've never really been a "scaredy cat" fact, I can only think one thing offhand that I'm really afraid of (or was as a kid). Not the usuals... snakes, mice, spiders, clowns, or thunderstorms. I had a snake in high school (a boa constrictor who had to live at school in the science department because my mom IS scared of snakes). I had a mouse get in the house one time and startled me a bit, but didn't scare me. (I moved my foot over on its tail and called for my husband to come and take it outside. The poor thing looked up at me, then over at my foot, then back up at was terribly puzzled). If a spider suddenly drops down on me, I might schreech a bit, but not because I'm afraid but sudden movelents are enough to startle anyone! My middle daughter is afraid of clowns (she and her cousin got up after they were supposed to be asleep and watched Killer Clowns from Outer Space... then slept in another cousin's room who collected clowns. Yep, the combination of the movie and waking up to see clown staring at you... not a good mix). My grandmother was terrified of thunderstorms, but did her best to hide it when one would come up because she didn't want my sister or I to grow up afraid of them. It worked... I LOVE thunderstorms.

When I was a kid, I was terrified of palmetto bugs (large cockroaches...that fly). One got in our house and I was trying to kill it when it turned around and rushed right at me!! After that, it was someone else's job to kill them. I was on the couch with my feet pulled up. I'm not as afraid of them now, but I still certainly don't like them!!

What about you? Do you have any common or not-so-common fears?


Marianne Arkins said…
Palmetto bugs ... the main reason I won't come live down south. UGH. I got the creeps just reading your story. ::: shudder :::
I'm not sure I've ever seen a palmetto bug, but they don't sound fun. Good post. :-)
Lydia said…
Oh, that palmetto bug story made me shudder. I don't like cockroaches either.

My post.
P M Prescott said…
I kill cockroaches with bug spray. We had a problem with centipedes. I finally blocked off the fireplace (needed to redo the chimney) and with no wood pile suddenly no more centipedes. Those things are creepy.
Tena Stetler said…
How awful it flew right at you. Yuck! I hate bugs. Great list, enjoyed reading about your family's fears too.
Michael Mock said…
Absolutely with you on the Palmetto Bugs thing. In my youth, it was the cicadas that would dive-bomb us (while buzzing loudly!) if we got too close; I still hate those things.

My answer is here
Echo Ishii said…
Flying cockroaches. That is game over for me.
I've never seen a palmetto bug, but I would hate them.