Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Books I Read on Someone Else's Recommendation

This is a fun topic today... and many of the books I love, I have to admit, I read first because someone recommended it to me. Especially these days...time is too short and there are too many books to read!

My friend and work partner, Marianne Arkins, first recommended JD Robb to me. I was talking about how I did not like Nora Roberts (I know, that's almost a stoning offense in some circles!). So, she told me I might like La Nora's alter-ego... and she was right! I'm working on developing a collection of all the In Death books!

When I worked at the library, our branch manager suggested I try this Canadian author she had just read... Louise Penny, author of the Gamache novels. I absolutely love this series... the latest book has recently been released but I've not yet had time to read it. I can hardly wait to have the time to delve into it!

She also recommended a second Canadian author, Alan Bradley, author of the Flavia de Luce series. Another winner... and another book in my TBR list (I have a vacation of sorts coming up Christmas week... maybe I'll have time to do some reading then.) I'm excited to get back into the de Luce family and their adventures.

Take time to get to know your lovely librarians... they have a wealth of suggestions! And, you just might find a new-to-you author to fall in love with. :-)


Marianne Arkins said…
Glad I could help :-)

Re: librarians... the head librarian at my local library is a literary snob. She eschews genre fiction, so she's no help at all. The library only buys the genre fiction that comes out in hardback, so I have to request mysteries, romances, etc from other libraries. It's frustrating.

I'm here today:
I love my librarians. Thankfully, they aren't literary snobs. But I'm also part of a book group at the library where we pick books based on someone's recs. It's been good because the books are ones I might not have read, ie Catherine Coulter and Lee Child, but not so good because some of them never quite worked for me. Oh well. The librarians have directed me in the right way with a few, too. Cool beans.
Lydia said…
You're making me a little curious about Alan Bradley's work! :)

My post.
My mother and I discovered the J. D. Robb books around the same time...then we got my Dad hooked on them. I'm glad they appeal to you too :D
Black city girl said…
My friend introduced me to ALAN BRADLEY's work and I couldn't be more thankful.

here is my prompt
P M Prescott said…
I always made sure I was good friends with the librarian at the schools I taught at. They are a gold mine.
Echo Ishii said…
My school librarians saved me! I don't know how I made it without them.
I'll join you in the Nora Roberts books. I never got into them, but then the JD Robb appealed more. I respect her skill as a writer to pull off such different styles and have such a varying audience.
Quite a few here I've never heard of...