Wednesday Weekly Challenge: Authors I Wish More People Knew About

Today's topic is "Authors I Wish More People Knew About." As most of you know (and if you don't, you will now), I'm the co-owner (along with Marianne Arkins of Goddess Fish Promotions. I come in contact with a bookoodle of authors we promote. Unfortunately, I don't have time to read everything, but here, in no particular order, are some that I have read and thoroughly enjoyed! And, not only are do they put out a good book, they are just genuinely nice and that goes a long way with me.

Shami Stovall: I've read all of her books (I don't think I've missed any) but her last book was one of my favorites. And, she has the sequel to it out now. Mama was in the hospital for a few days, though, so now I'm playing catch-up at work. It is on my TBRS ("to be read soon" as opposed to my "to be read" list which is scarily long).

Cristelle Comby has a couple of series that I enjoy - Vale Investigations and The Neve and Egan Cases - from fantasy to mystery. Gotta love it!

I love David Beem's work... there are moments of literal laugh-out-loudness! And he just tells a darn good story. If you are a fan of Douglas Adams... do yourself a favor and check him out. Want to know a little bit about him? From his bio: "David Beem enjoys superhero movies, taekwondo, and flossing. He lives in Djibouti with his family and crippling self-doubt. To help actualize David’s inner confidence, peruse his website and buy all the stuff."

I have only read one of Marilyn Larew's thrillers, but that was enough to make me buy the rest of the books in the series and I'm looking forward to more books about Lee Carruthers and her adventures.

And, just to show how eclectic my reading habits are - be sure and check out Tonya Duncan Ellis, author of the wonderful middle grade series Sophie Washington. I read the first one to see if I thought my oldest grandchild would enjoy it (he's 10) but continued reading the books just because they are so good!

So.. there you have it... a few authors I wish more people knew about. I hope you check them out!


Lydia said…
I'm a huge fan of Douglas Adams, so I will definitely be keeping an eye out for David Beem's work. Fun!

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Aymee said…
I looooooooove Douglas Adams! I'm going to have to check out David Beem now. Can't have too much laughter in my life.
These all sound so interesting! Thank you for sharing!
Great list. I've never heard of these, so I'm going to check them out!
P M Prescott said…
Not familiar with any. I need to branch out more.
I've never heard of these, so definitely going to check them out.