Wednesday Weekly Challenge: Books I Read When I'm Not Feeling Well

If I'm not feeling well, one of the ways I know that I'm getting sick is that I don't want to do anything... and unfortunately, that includes reading. I tend to sleep when I get sick... and don't even get me started on migraines. There's no way I'm reading then.

However, I was recovering from the flu several years ago (the only time I've ever had it and, Lord willing, I never want it again!) and my husband brought a book for me. I was still weak and reading was about all I could do (there was only so much television I could watch). It was Karin Slaughter's first book Blindsighted and she's still one of my favorites (even though I took a hiatus from her after Beyond Reach came out...I eventually forgave her).

What about you?


Lydia said…
Blindsighted does sound like an interesting read! It was very nice of your husband to pick out a book for you.

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I'll have to check out Karin Slaughter. I don't think I've read her. I hear you, though, on not wanting to do much when you're sick. I'm there.
Echo Ishii said…
I hadn't heard of Karin Slaughter. Thanks.
Migraines are the worst.
Michael Mock said…
I'm the other way around: unless I'm violently ill, reading is one of the few things I do want to do when I'm unwell.

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Aymee said…
Karin Slaughter is amazing! Funny... my husband got me hooked on Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark-Hunter books by randomly picking one up in a bookstore for me years ago. First romance I ever read. :)

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P M Prescott said…
When your head is hurting reading is difficult. Have you tried audio books?
Tena Stetler said…
never heard of Karin Slaughter. I'll have to check her out. here is my answers.
I've never actually tried Karin Slaughter. I need to.