Wednesday Weekly Challenge: Favorite Authors in the Mystery Genre

Welcome to this week's Wednesday Blogging Challenge. Today we are all talking about our favorite authors in X genre.

As most of you know, I read all over the place - eclectic doesn't begin to describe it. You can see a few here.

Because I have loved mysteries since I was young (Nancy Drew, anyone?), here are some of my current favorite mystery authors:

Agatha Christie: Truly the Grand Dame of Mystery. I love Poirot and Miss Marple, along with Tommy and Tuppence.

P.D. James: I absolutely love her Dalgleish novels, plus Death Comes to Pemerley. I've tried listening to The Childen of Men, but want to try that one again in print. She also has a Cordelia Gray series I've not yet read...anyone have any thoughts on those?
Ngaio Marsh: Another series writer (I am sensing a theme here). Her detective was British CID detective Roderick Alleyn, and there are a LOT of these I've not read! Time's awasting!

Alan Bradley: I discovered this author while still working at the library and fell in love with his character Flavia de Luce. I've thoroughly enjoyed these and I'm very excited as he has a new book out I've not yet read.

Finally, but by no means least, I give you Louise Penny: Ms. Penny is another author with an amazing series and detective - Chief Inspector Armand Gamache. She also has a new book out this year that I'm ready to get my hands on!

What about you? Who are some of your favorite authors in your chosen genre? Click on the banner at the top of the page to play along.


Aymee said…
I love mysteries as well and have a couple of friends who rave about Louise Penny! She is on my to read list for this year.

<a href="'>My list</a>
Michael Mock said…
Mystery really isn't my genre - I'm not sure why, since I enjoy elements of mystery in other sorts of stories. It probably just means I haven't found the right mystery authors, and this list looks like a great place to start looking.

My list is here.
I've probably mentioned it before, but I got my one and only detention from reading an Agatha Christie book in the seventh grade. Lol! I was reading Murder on the Orient Express and didn't want to put it down, so I kept reading instead of diagramming sentences. I got busted and subsequently got detention. I was told I didn't have to serve it because I'd never been given detention before. Still, it was a badge of honor to say I got detention for reading Agatha Christie. :-) Great list :-)
I love Agatha Christie, although I could never get into Tommy and Tuppence.