Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: My Favorite Book Covers

I have to admit, I don't pay much attention to book covers. The majority of books I buy are digital, and I choose them because of the blurb. Books I check out from the libary - the majority are onces I have on hold because they are author auto-reads... or I pick them up from the new book shelves - again, more because of the blurb.

That said, there are some book covers that I find just lovely. Here, in no particular order, are a few:

Kate Morton has some absolutely beautiful covers.

Cassandra Clare also has some beautiful covers. You can see the covers from her Shadowhunter Chronicles here, but a couple of my favorites are:

Here are some random book covers from some of our tours I find appealing:

I don't know why these covers particularly appeal to me... but they do. What about you? Do you "judge a book by its cover"?


  1. I really like the cover for Mrs. Murray's Ghost.

    I do my best not to judge books by their covers. I've had too many experiences where a beautiful cover lead to a book I didn't like at all and an ugly one lead to something I've reread many times.

    My post.

  2. Those are some eye-catching covers. Makes me want to read them all!

  3. I'm loving both The Distant Hours and Knightmare Arcanist!

  4. I don't judge books by covers. Mainly because I read a lot of indie and most can't afford elaborate covers. Those Cassandra Clare covers are some beauties.

  5. I have to admit book covers play a part on my picking up at book and reading the blurb. Knightmare Arcanist is an eye-catching cover. Enjoyed your post. Here’s mine.

  6. Because I buy so many Kindle books I rarely notice the covers, I admit. But they do help if I spot something in Asda.


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