Wednesday Blogging Challenge: Books That Need a Sequel

I've been thinking back over the books I have enjoyed in the past to think which of them needed a sequel. Here's what I've come up with:

To Kill a Mockingbird: It would be nearly impossible to match the voice of the original, I know, but I would love to see what happened to Scout as she grew into an adult.

I thought of one of my favorite books, Little Women, but that's been done with Little Men. And, I discovered something I didn't know... there was also another sequel that follows the sisters---Good Wives. AND, I also discovered that you can get all four books in the Little Women series for only $0.99 at Barnes and Noble or Amazon.

Most of the book I enjoy are already series: Anne of Green Gables, The Chronicle of Narnia, JD Robb's In Death series... I tend to binge read as much as I binge watch. You can see other series I love here.

But that takes us completely off-track... books that need a sequel.

There was a book I loved that had a sequel... and it needs another one because the sequel was less-than-inspiring. I wish someone could write a good sequel for Gone With the Wind.

What about books you have read? Are there any you think could use a sequel?


Marianne Arkins said…
This was a tough topic! You wouldn't think so, but it really, really was...

Thanks for visiting earlier.
Lydia said…
I'd never heard of Good Wives before. Now I have to read it! While Little Men was a good read, I always wished to learn more about the March sisters.

My post.
peggy jaeger said…
we are twins of the same mind for sure!
Great post. I agree with Gone with the Wind needing a better sequel. They were meh. :-)
Aymee said…
I'd never heard of Little Men OR Good Wives, so I'm way behind the times. Hahaha.

Definitely a tough topic today!
I wouldn't mind a good sequel to Pride and Prejudice, thinking about it. I've read a few of them and didn't like any.