Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Lessons I Learned from a Book Character

Welcome to this week's installment of Long and Short Reviews Wednesday Blogging Challenge. Today's challenge: Lessons I Learned from a Book Character.

As I mentioned in an earlier blog challenge post, I read for pleasure and for escape - but sometimes, I also learn things despite myself.

From Jo in Little Woman, I learned that writing from the heart is much better than writing flamboyantly (and that's it's perfectly okay to sit in a tree, read, and eat apples.

From Katniss in Hunger Games, I learned not to be ashamed to accept help when it is needed.

From Anne in Anne of Green Gables, I learned the value of true friendship.

From The Three Little Pigs, I learned to always do your best job so the wolves don't get you.

From Eve Dallas I learned to fall in love with the right man for me. :-)

How abut you? What lessons have you learned?


  1. We really are twins separated at birth!!!!! Great post.

  2. What a great post.

    And I chuckled at the lesson you learned from The Three Little Pigs.

    My post. Thanks for stopping by earlier.

  3. Jo was my favorite of Little Women.

  4. There is something to be said for sitting in a tree, reading and eating apples.
    Great list. I love it.

  5. "Learning to accept help when you need it..." Yeah, still working on that one.

    My list is here.

  6. Love that you included The Three Little Pigs. There are reasons we tell our kids these stories after all. :)

  7. I'm amused we got different lessons from Katniss :-)

  8. Tree, reading, apple; yes the simple things are the most enjoyable. Ah, to there be in content.

  9. I am terrible at accepting help when I need it, so I need to learn that one.


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