Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Favorite TV Shows

I was all set to share my favorite TV shows, but then my business partner Marianne told me I couldn't list any that she had shared with me. So... feel free to add just about everything (I'm sure) that she has listed to mine. To be as different as we are in so many ways, we have remarkably similar tastes in television. I just hope she remembers that I'm the one who shared the first one on my list with HER ;-).

One of my favorites right now is the ensemble WHISKEY CAVALIER. Unfortunately, it's been cancelled. I'm a sucker for a good ensemble piece and love to see the characters grow and change. Scott Foley was one of my favorites from another older favorite show of mine, SCANDAL (yea, Team Jake)!

Carrying on with my theme of character driven shows is NEW AMSTERDAM. This show keeps me on the edge of my seat not only with the weekly medical emergencies but also the ongoing issues with Max Goodwin's health issues (along with problems the rest of the staff face). This one HAS been renewed for another season.

I can't forget THIS IS US, even though it is now on hiatus (but has just been renewed for THREE more seasons!!). This is TV at its best, imho. There is character development, there is mystery (what on earth is going to happen on that show??), there is investment in this family that is unlike anything I have ever experienced. If you have not yet jumped on this bandwagon... do so. Catch up before it starts back.

I am also a sucker for cooking shows. My favorites are MASTERCHEF JR, MASTERCHEF, and HELL'S KITCHEN. Love him or hate him, it's fascinating to see the different faces of Gordon Ramsay as he goes from working with kids, to home cooks, and finally to professional chefs. Plus I learn things about cooking... and I love to cook. (My husband loves to eat to it's a win-win at our house.. lol).

Finally (honestly, y'all, I could go on and on)... I love a good British mystery (I'm a not-so-closeted Anglophile). One of my favorites is MIDSOMER MURDERS (now getting ready to start filming its 21st series). Each mystery stands alone and I just love the main characters.

What about you? Have you seen these? Your thoughts? I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's choices.


  1. First of all, I think it's quite funny that Marianne told you not to pick any of the same shows she did. :D

    I also wanted to say that I'm also a fan of This Is Us, although I've only seen the first season so far. It's such a nice mixture of genres, from romance to mystery to comedy. Yeah, I really need to get caught up on this show sometime.

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  2. I keep debating making my way over to This Is Us. I loved Milo Ventimiglia on Heroes. I've never seen Whiskey Cavalier (which stinks if it's being cancelled). The studios aren't giving many good shows a chance. I loved Forever, but that's gone, too. Oh well. Good list.

  3. I haven't watched This Is Us, but everyone raves about it, so its time.
    I am an unapologetic Midsummer Murders fan too.

    Mine post is here:

  4. In all Honesty I'm not surprised Whiskey cavalier was canceled - even though it was a well written and acted show. It was a little too much like CASTLE with spies for the public, i think/

  5. WHISKEY CAVALIER I enjoyed, but not surprise it was cancelled. Also like Midsummer Murders. The others are not on my radar.

  6. My husband told me about Whiskey Cavalier last night and I was sad! It's a great show.

    Also, I've been watching Midsommer Murders on Netflix and, while I'm still in the early seasons, I love this goofy as heck show.

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  7. Interesting choices, and none of those have been on my radar until now.

  8. Now I sound grinchy, lol. It's just that when I like a show, I don't shut up about it, so if Judy had listed all the ones I shared, I'd have had nothing! :-)

    I like cooking, too, but lean more toward Chopped-type shows. Haven't had time to watch them in awhile though.

  9. I love This is Us, too!

  10. I love the UK version of Masterchef. I always wonder why anyone attempts a souffle in the challenges.


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