Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Things I Wished More Books Talked About

Today's topic - Things I Wished More Books Talked About - really was a challenge. I read fiction for entertainment and escape primarily. I'm not much interested in books being a vehicle for any issue - whether I agree with said issue or not. Books that are heavy-handed in focusing on an issue are automatically rated down by me, should I be reading the book for review.

That being said, I love books with animals and kids in them. I love a good old-fashioned family saga (think Barbara Taylor Bradford). I want a book to transport me to another place and time - (Take me away, Calgon!)

Just don't try to teach me things at the same time - unless you can do it subtly.

What about you?


Marianne Arkins said…
I don't disagree... not a fan of genre fiction when it gets preachy. Subtle, sure, but don't get on your soap box in my romance novel, please. When I want edification, I'll grab a non-fiction book. I'm here:
Lydia said…
I agree with both of you. Soap boxes aren't my thing either!

My post.
I agree with the soapbox thing. Unfortunately, there are some social issues, like in the LGBTQ community, that's part of their daily lives. It's almost like if it's not mentioned, then that's the issue. Still, I get it and I agree with you. I want that Calgon!
Michael Mock said…
Absolutely. I've seen a number of topics on these lists that I'd *love* to see represented more in books - but definitely in a "show us how it is and how it affects this story" kind of way, not a "please drop the anvil of preaching on my head" kind of way.
Kathy said…
I agree 100%. In fact, I didn't participate because I couldn't think of a thing that HAD to be in books. Fun should be in away stuff, whether it's a romance genre, historical fiction, mystery. well you get the idea.

Good post
I agree - I prefer things to be shown rather than thrown in my face.