Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Favorite Comfort Foods

Today's topic is "Favorite Comfort Foods and Why." When I was little, my folks split up and Mama, my sister, and I moved in with my grandparents. Mama went to work, and Grandmama pretty much raised us. And, friends, let me tell you, that woman could cook. Many of the foods I cook today are meals I remember her cooking for us. She was not a fancy chef... no Beef Wellington or fancy tuna cuts....but just some good ol' cooking.

On Sundays, we would have either pot roast with all the fixings or ham. Those were good... but the comfort food came in on Monday nights: hash or creamed ham on toast (waste not, want not). To this day, I will crave the goodness of ham in a hot cream sauce poured over buttered toast...mmmm..... my mouth is watering as I type.

When we were sick, Grandmama would break out her wonderful chicken and rice soup...chunks of chicken, bits of onion and carrots. It's still my go-to when I get sick. Makes me feel much better. There's a reason it's called "Jewish penicillin."

Another one of my favorite comfort foods is just plain mashed potatoes. I love potatoes in any form, but mashed is right up there at the top of my list. Grandmama used to let me drink some of the "potato juice"... the water the potatoes were cooked in. I couldn't drink too much, though, because she made her mashed potatoes with dry milk and would use the potato juice as the liquid. I don't know what it was about it that made those potatoes so good, but to this day I can taste them.

What about you? What are some of your favorite comfort foods? Click on the banner at the top and come and play along with us.


Lydia said…
My grandmothers made very similar sorts of dishes! Nothing fancy. They were plain, wholesome, inexpensive meals that filled your belly. I still love that sort of food to this day. :)

That chicken and rice soup sounds delicious, too.

My post
Mashed Potato certainly is the king. All of it sounds yum!
Kathy said…
Oh my mouth was watering over the creamed ham on toast. And the thing I learned most from my mom's cooking was never let anything go to waste.

I still keep a container in my freezer for leftover veggies to use in my vegetable soup.

Yummy blog.

Here's mine (sort of like yours):
Echo Ishii said…
Creamed ham on toast!!! Comfort food is the best when it's not fancy.Those are great memories to have.

My list is here.
Marianne Arkins said…
Seriously ... anything creamy is comfort, isn't it? And potato never heard it called that. I do know they used to use it for ironing way back when (the early version of starching).
Oh yes, mashed potatoes! I would love to have those sorts of memories of my gran - she died when I was very small, but I gather she loved to cook.