Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Favorite Websites/Blogs

Today's post for the Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge was difficult for me. I stay so busy with Long and Short Reviews and Goddess Fish Promotions that I have little time for spending time on a lot of blogs (but... they are my two favorite websites, just sayin'

I also love checking out my friend Maria Zannini's website. Her blog always have wonderful insights about life plus great tips!

I'm also a Weight Watchers member. I love their website (and especially the app on my phone... helps so much!) There are also some great weight control/food websites: Skinny Taste and Dee Dee Does are two of my favorites.

A website my husband and I particularly like is IMDB. We love watching old movies and, not infrequently, will see an actor and go blank on the name... IMDB to the rescue!

What about you? What blogs or websites do you use a lot?


  1. I love that IMDB is becoming a verb now... that's the sign a site has really made it. "Go IMDB it!" is a phrase we use a lot in our house, lol.

    I'm here:

  2. Judy, you're going to make me blush.

    Thanks, hon!

    re: IMDB
    That's us too. I don't think we've ever watched a movie without checking them first.

  3. Yes! Three more who are with me on the IMDB train. I knew I wasn't the only one. Lol!! Good post!

  4. I will definitely need to check out SkinnyTaste. I'm trying to lose a few pounds before summer hits, and some new recipes would help keep me motivated for sure. :)

    Oh, and IMDB is the best. I use it several times a week, or more if I'm writing a film or TV show review. They have such detailed information about the characters and actors, and their stock photos from the sets are quite useful as well.

    My post.

  5. I recently discovered Skinny Taste and it's a great site! Also, I laughed at the inclusion of IMDB because my husband will use the DirecTV thing to search for someone in a show but it's so slow and rarely gives you the information you need. By the time he has it pulled up, I've already answered his question thanks to IMDB!

  6. I use Skinny Taste a lot for ideas. I have a tendency to go to Serious eats (which is vegetarian) for ideas a lot and I love a site called kitchn. I don't know whether it's the recipes or the pics on Kitchn that I love most.

    I told someone else that I use a site constantly to keep up with what I've read, especially series I'm reading. You can mark what you read and the books are listed in order. It's called

    Nice blog.

  7. Nice blog post with a new link to try for recipes. Thank you!
    They say one can never have enough cookbooks - well, that goes for cooking/food sites too.


  8. I love IMDB. I used to love the forums when they had them. I still go back there every time a new film I fancy comes out.

  9. I need to check out Skinny Taste. I need to eat better.


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