Wednesday Blogging Challenge: Character's I'd Like to Meet

I've been reading for more years than I care to admit, and over the years there have been many many characters I would like to meet -- most of them because I think we would be friends! Here are just a few of the first characters I knew I would have loved to read.

The first one that comes to mind is Anne of Green Gables. I always loved her spirit and her imagination!

Then, of course, there was Nancy Drew. She had the coolest blue convertible and Ned!

I loved all of the "Little Women", but I most identified with Jo... I would climb the tree with her and eat apples, while reading or writing!

Who are some characters you would like to meet?


Marianne Arkins said…
Wow ... you went WAAAAAAAAAY back. I agree with all your choices, though. When I was a kid, they all would have been on my list.

Thanks for visiting earlier!
peggy jaeger said…
OMG your choices are sosososo good. How could I forget about the MArch sisters!!??
Lydia said…
I love your choices! I'd like to meet all of these characters, too.
Echo Ishii said…
I used to love, love, love reading the Nancy Drews. One of the first books that I took comfort in and fostered my love of mysteries.
Nancy Drew did have a fab car. She had Ned, how could you not love that? Hehehe.
I'd also love to have met the Sweet Valley sisters. They had a cool convertible, too. And they always seemed to get into and out of trouble, but it took more than one book to fix the problems. Good choices.
Megan Morgan said…
Ah man, Nancy Drew! That does take me way back.
Aymee said…
These are great choices! All wonderful women to chat with.
Kathy said…
I would fight you to get to meet any of these. I forgot it was Wednesday so didn't post but we would have exact answers!
I forgot about Anne. She was definitely someone I'd like to meet.