Wednesday Weekly Blogging: Favorite Movies of All Time and Why

This week's blogging challenge is all about favorite movies. I'm not really one for rewatching movies (or rereading books). However, there are a few that, whenever they come on, I tend to stop what I'm doing and watch it. Without further ado, here are four of those in no particular order.

1. The Princess Bride: I never get tired of this movie. It's a beautiful story of "wuv, tru wuv", and is one of the most clever movies ever. Here's one of my favorite parts:

2. Tremors: Cheesy, I know, but I really like the shy, just beginning to blossom romance between Kevin Bacon and Finn Carter. My only regret about this is that the other movies in the franchise do not have these two. This scene always makes my heart melt:

3. The Thin Man. Actually, any of the movies in this franchise. I love the chemistry behind William Powell and Myrna Loy. They were just one of the cutest couples in the world.

4. The Lord of the Rings. This is also one of my favorite books - every time I read it or watch the movies, I discover something I don't remember seeing before. Have to love something that is always new in some respect.

I hope you enjoy some of those snippets. How about you? What are some of your favorite movies?

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  1. I lovelovelove the ThinMan series. Myrna Loy! WIlliam Powell! Asta! such quick, witty dialogue. those 1930 and 1940 fasttalking ROmComs are classics for a reason. And do you know, i've never seen the Princess Bride?? I know, I know. One day

  2. Love them all! I was going to mention LOTR on mine, but I just felt like I was getting too many on my list, lol. And, of COURSE, "The Princess Bride". Possibly one of the best ever movies.

    I'm here:

  3. (ducks once again) I've never seen the Lord of the Rings. Any of them. Why? I tried and got bored. Just not my thing. But I do love the Princess Bride and the Thin Man movies. I'm a sucker for screwball comedies, too. <3

  4. See? Here's what I mean? Each of these posts gives you ideas. Can't believe I forgot the Thin Man but more importantly LOTR But I'm glad you did.

    Here's me:

  5. Ooh, we had some similarities on our lists this week! Now I want to rewatch LoTR. What a wonderful trilogy that was.

    My post.

  6. Hahaha... I love how much love The Princess Bride is getting. :) I also enjoy the LOTR movies as well.

    My list

  7. Another Lord of the Rings fan.
    My list is here:

  8. I love Tremors, and Lord of the Rings was great. I love Peter Jackson.


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