Wednesday Weekly Blogging: What I Would Do With a Million Dollars

Today's topic for the Long and Short Reviews Blogging Challenge is "what I would do with a million dollars."

In today's world, sad to say, a million dollars does not go nearly as far as I would like it to! I'm assuming I have the entire million to spend (no taxes to pay on it, etc). If I had won the lottery, I would put a million dollars in trust for each of my four kids. But, with only a million--I would probably gift them each $100,000...leaving me $600,000.

I would definitely put some of it into a charitable trust - always want to give back where I can. Let's say another $100,000 invested in a medium risk company, with the interest to go, probably, to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. They do wonderful work, and it's a cause close to my heart.

I have half a million left. I would love to finish our never-ending remodeling projects on our home! I don't think it would take that much...but I'm not a contractor, so.... let's say half of that (and I think that's on the high side).

A quarter of a million dollars left... $250,000. I had once thought about buying a vacation home on the Outer Banks, but with the active hurricanes we've been having down south recently, I've been rethinking my thoughts. Decisions, decisions, decisions... what do YOU think I should do with the rest?

To take part in this challenge, just write your post and put your link on the front page of Long and Short Reviews. I can't wait to come and see what you would do with your million dollars!


Lydia said…
I like your ideas! What I would do with the rest is invest it and perform random acts of kindness with the profits every year. For example, there is an anonymous person who pays off layaway items for strangers at Walmart every Christmas. I'd love to follow in his or her footsteps.

This is my response to this week's prompt:
peggy jaeger said…
YOur ideas are great!! Well done.
Kathy said…
Sound like great ideas to me and we sound like the same "practical" thinkers too.
Sounds smart. I like that you've really thought it out. I scrambled with my answer! Haha!
Marianne Arkins said…
You're way more organized that I am about your ideas, lol. Good ideas all!
Unknown said…
I like how you broke it down! It sounds like a great plan. Now, where's our money?!
Echo Ishii said…
The Outer Banks is lovely...but I can see the risk in that. The charitable trust is a lovely idea.
Great insights on this. That would be so cool if you could win the money or something. :)
I would definitely love to give to charity, although how I'd decide which one I have no idea.