Wednesday Weekly Blogging: Favorite Things to do in the Winter

I am the first to say that winter is NOT my favorite season (except for the fact it contains Christmas which IS my favorite holiday). My blood is thin and when I get cold, I get cold clear down to the bone, as my grandmother would say. It doesn't matter how many pieces of clothes I put on at that point... I'm just cold with lots of clothes on. It takes a hot bath or shower to really thaw me out.

We're going through a very cold snap for us (I live in south Georgia) so I stay near the fire, with a fleece blanket over my legs, and something hot to drink next to me most of the day. If it wasn't for work, I'd be hibernating with a book. I also have a cat on the lapboard that the computer is on... another source of warmth. When it's cold (less than 60 degrees.. go ahead and laugh, all my northern friends), I find lots to do inside where it's warm.

Fortunately, days like this are few and far between ... only 37 more days until spring. (Just checked.. it's 40 right now but expected to get up to 73....I'm a happy girl.) I better enjoy it today, though, because it's the warmest it will be the rest of the month.

When the weather IS decent in winter, though, I like to get my yard ready for the upcoming spring and summer months... clearing out flower beds, starting to get the pool in shape. But until the weather warms up, I'm staying put.

What about you? Answer on your own blog and then check out the other bloggers' thoughts here.


Echo Ishii said…
Hibernating with books is always a good plan.
Binge Reading sounds like a blast to me. :-)
Kathy said…
Can I come stay with you?
Lydia said…
Heh, I agree with Kathy. :D

I have cold blood, too. I wear so many layers in the winter, and I'm still freezing!

My Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge post.
Marianne Arkins said…
"Go ahead and laugh my northern friends" ... okay...


I'd give my left pinky for 60 degree weather in the winter. :-)

I'm here;
Megan Morgan said…
You sound like you're in a good part of the world at least--here's hoping the cold passes soon!
Ah yes, I have a pair of warm cats I'm now trying to train to sit on me like a hot water bottle. I am always cold.