Wednesday Weekly Blogging: Characters I'd Name a Baby After

My baby naming days are over, but I still will hear names that I really like. They are not normally tied in with the character, though. It's just because I like the sound of the name. The year I was born, Mary was the number 1 name... not surprisingly, it's always on the list of favorite names (top 1000). My name was number 31 (nickname - 32) that year. In 1940, it was number four. Probably not coincidentally, it was right after The Wizard of Oz was released.

On to the topic at hand, though. I love Game of Thrones and there are some really cool names on that show (although some of the characters, I really DON'T like). As an example, I love the name Cersei, but I would never saddle a child with that name.. that is one really bad person). Other names I like from the show: Eddard, Jaime, Arya, Daenerys (she's one of my favorite characters).

Another show I'm currently enjoying is This Is Us.. and the names on that show are not particularly "different," but I would use some of them (in fact, one of my daughters is named Rebekah...a different spelling from the Rebecca on the show). I absolutely love the actor playing Jack, though, so could see using Milo as a baby's name.

As far as books go... Roark, hands down, is the first name I think of. Maybe the richness would rub off. And, for a girl, Claire from the Outlander series.

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  1. Game of Thrones does have great names, but they are so loaded with meaning you'd feel kind of sorry for little future Cersei's out there.

  2. LOL! So far Roarke is the winning name :-)

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  3. Claire is such a pretty name, too.

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  4. Ah, I love Game of Thrones, too! Sometimes it makes me laugh that everyone has such dramatic names and then there's...Jamie. Brienne would be a cool name for a girl. Jorah would be cool for a boy, too.

  5. I loved Milo in Heroes, so I'd probably name a character after his in that show, Peter.
    Great list. I've never seen This is Us. Never saw Game of Thrones, either. Or Outlander I live under a rock. HAHA.

  6. I bet I'm going to get in trouble here and open my mouth, well "fingers" wrong. Hopefully no one has a significant other or son named Roarke and I like that name. But don't you think kids at school would be hard on a kid named Roarke? we

  7. Yes, Game of Thrones has some fantastic names! I do love Arya. That's one I would definitely consider if I had another girl.

  8. I love Daenerys, but I pity the child who ever has to spell it.


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