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What went into the writing of SUMMER STAR?

Thank you for having me. That’s one of those onion questions—layer upon layer. First and foremost, my love for the mountains of Colorado where I live. Once the drama and serenity of the wilderness seep into your soul, there’s no getting them out. For some of us, the mountains are a magnet that won’t let go. The high country became the setting for SUMMER STAR.

I am fascinated by the history of this state and enjoy exploring remote, forgotten places. I often find things while hiking. Pieces of weathered leather and broken china. Rusted out cans with soldered seams. Cast off items from lives long gone. Sometimes these relics are miles from the nearest…anything, and I wonder how they came to be there. The desire to know led to my main character, Troy Hart, with his ability to touch certain antiques and see their past.

Colorado has its share of buried treasure legends. One of them, the story of the Jim Reynolds gang, likely has more truth behind it than most. Enough so that people are still searching for the treasure today. The gang, with a posse hot on their trail, buried $65,000 worth of stolen loot above the present day town of Conifer. This legend led to Troy’s nemesis: a fictional member of that gang, now a ghost who has a score to settle and forces Troy to fulfill his dying wish.

Troy, a loner and the black sheep of his family, finds love in the mountains. His heart is no longer his own, as happens with all of us when that one special person comes into our lives. And with that person comes the fear of something happening to them, of losing them, and we wonder what we would do in order protect them. Now that Troy has someone to lose, how far will he go to save her? How far would any of us go?

Loner and history buff Troy Hart gets more than he bargained for when his psychic connection to the past leads him to the mountains of Colorado. The legend of buried treasure is nothing new, but falling in love is—and that’s the last thing Troy wants.

Troy’s visions of the old west are all fun and games, until the ghost of an outlaw forces Troy to fulfill his dying wish. To save his own life, and the life of the woman he loves, Troy must follow the trail of greed, betrayal and revenge on a treasure hunt for lost Civil War gold.

Now the fun is over and the game is survival as Troy battles the elements, a dead man, and his own heart deep in the remote high country.

Enjoy an excerpt:

As the last light crept out of the sky Troy asked the truck for a little more. It skidded over rocks, jolted over roots. He rammed it through the creek and parked in front of the cabin. The hissing radiator and antifreeze pouring on the ground confirmed it. They’d be hoofing it from here on out.

Troy sprinted to the cabin. He threw his canteen, a few bottles of water, beef jerky, and candy bars into his pack. He added two flashlights, batteries, and Eric’s hardhat. He rushed to the tipi for a denim jacket and the map. The piece of oiled canvas, made to be laced over a sleeping bag in bad weather, caught his eye. He pushed it down on top of everything else.

He shined the light into the trees, hoping beyond hope to see Eric’s tent. It was gone, all that remained was a smooth spot on the ground. Troy put a hand on Dean’s shoulder. “Wait here.”

“Screw that. I love her, too.” Dean put his own hand on Troy’s shoulder and squeezed it hard. “Let’s go get her, bro.”

Troy gave Dean the second flashlight and set off at a grueling pace. It wasn’t long before he could no longer hear Dean behind him or see Dean’s light bobbing in the dark timber. His jaw hurt and a stitch nagged in his ribs. His bear-bit hip joined the chorus. He thought of Summer in crazy Charlotte’s jealous clutches and pushed himself harder. Troy Hart ran for her life.

About the Author:
DJ Davis is a Colorado native and the rugged high country sets the scene for her stories. When she's not writing, she can be found hiking with her dogs, photographing the wildlife, or camping with her husband. A Great Dane runs her life.

A portion of each sale of her novel "Courageous Cain" will be donated to Big Bones Canine Rescue in Windsor, Colorado. Help us help big dogs in need.

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Peggy Hyndman, I have many favorites ranging from Louis L'Amour to Dean Koontz to Harlan Coben to Jodi Picoult. Very different writing styles here but they all excel at creating intriguing plots that keep me glued to the pages.
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