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Maggie has joined us today to answer a few questions. Tell us about your book.

Leather and Lace is Book Two in my Tempered Steel series. It features Sam Coalson, an ex-Navy SEAL and his high school sweetheart, Angel Devereaux. Sam left town fifteen years ago after Angel sided with his enemy, and he hasn’t forgiven her yet. He’s in town for the wedding of his eldest brother, Mac, and Angel is determined to win him back. She enlists the help of her friends, his family, and the whole community to do it. But Sam’s not giving in, and Angel has to pull out all the stops to reconcile with her sexy, stubborn man. It’s a good thing she’s not one to give up easily.

The mystery of the vandal and arsonist put in play in book one, Whistlin’ Dixie, continues in Leather and Lace. Things take a darker turn with a murder, drugs, and a would-be rapist. It’s up to the Coalson brothers, along with a little help from their friends, to unravel this mystery and save their small town. But is this too much for even these seven alpha males?

When did you first begin to think of yourself as an author?

On Monday, May 18, 2015. That’s the day DayReader Literary Group, with Renee Holmes Kennedy, asked if they could start a Facebook fan club group for me, Maggie’s Minxes. I just started crying. Then Renee asked if I wanted her to be my personal assistant, and I ugly cried like a baby denied a lollipop. It hit me right then, that people I had never met, believed in me, in my writing. They thought it was good enough to take their time and support me. So, yes, I know the exact time of when I began to believe it myself.

What can you not do without while writing?

Post-Its. The virtual computer ones are all around my screen and real ones are plastered all over my desk. If they come loose, I’m like Gollum from Lord of the Rings, “come to me my precious!”

Who is your all time favorite character from a book you’ve read?

That’s easy. Sookie Stackhouse. Charlaine Harris’ female hero from her vampire series was unstoppable, unflappable and totally lovable. She had the undead falling all over her, not mention werewolves, shifters and fairies. Ms. Harris’ introduced us to an entire world of “what would it be like?” with her series and I, like millions of other fans, was sad to see it end. I do go back and visit every now and again.

Do you set goals for your own deadlines?

Oh dear heavens, yes. I am a terrible procrastinator. I shoot myself in the foot with promotion of new releases. Most authors have cover reveals, pre-orders, release parties, etc. I’m lucky if I remember to download the book before the release date. I am so thankful for Renee. She keeps me on my toes about all that stuff.

Plotter or pantser?

I am a bit of a plotter, but more of a pantser. I have a general idea of how I want the story to go, but then the characters take over, dialogue gets crazy, sex abounds, and pretty soon, I’m just along for the ride and the typing skills. Sort of a story writing voyeur.

When was the last time you tried something new and what was it?

I’m currently writing an erotic romance series and my husband is the head of my Research and Development. Let’s just leave it at that, shall we?

Do you cut coupons?

I cut, swipe, app, tag, whatever it takes to save a buck. I’m about $998,999 short of my first million. I’ll stop then.

Is it Ok for guys to wear pink?

Personally, I prefer them in nothing at all, being a horny, heterosexual woman of a sophisticated age, but a pink shirt is fine with me. Pink pants, however, makes me think he doesn’t know how to do laundry.

What movie can you watch again and again?

Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. It makes me giggle every time. Burt Reynolds is such a terrible singer, Dolly Parton is the sweetest “madam” ever, and the cast of characters that just break into song about a whorehouse cracks me up.

If you could direct/write a storyline for a current TV show?

I find Sleepy Hollow very interesting. It combines my love of history, the occult and modern day issues with humor. But somebody would have to have sex with somebody if I was writing it.

Anything else?

As I mentioned earlier, Tempered Steel is a series of seven novels, but fans wanted more, so I’ve added two novellas and…..wait for it……A Cookbook! Actually, fans wanted to know if I was really going to do the cookbook Ginny Coalson mentioned writing in Whistlin’ Dixie, and I thought, why not? And if you loved the series so far, Book Three, Something’s Gotta Give, was just released!

And, as always, I love to hear from fans, and critics, because I know this is a journey. So feel free to email me with what you like, or don’t, about the series.

Thanks to Long and Short Reviews for spotlighting me! I appreciate it.

Sam Coalson, ex-Navy SEAL, has returned to Grafton for the wedding of his brother. After being run out of town fifteen years ago for a crime he didn’t commit, he’s determined to claim what is rightfully his and take on anyone crazy enough to try and stop him.

Angel Devereaux is smart, sexy and definitely on Sam’s blacklist. After siding with Sam’s enemy fifteen years ago, Angel can’t help but wonder what if….what if Sam had never left? What if he could forgive her now? She had her reasons, but he won’t listen. So enough with words, sometimes action is exactly what’s called for.

Enjoy an excerpt:

“Well, if it isn’t the Angel of Mercy. Have you come to administer to the weak and injured? I’m afraid you’re a little too late. Everyone’s been patched up. Of course you can always kiss the boo-boos, can’t you?” Sam drawled as he shifted position on the railing.

Angel felt a blush heat her cheeks at his words and started to turn away. This was obviously a mistake. She was getting nowhere with him. She saw him wince as he moved and she turned back. “Were you really hurt?”

“Yeah, I’m in a lot of pain. Do you think you can help me?” he drawled as he passed his hand across his brow.

Angel immediately became solicitous. “Where are you hurt?” She ran up the front porch steps. She looked him over, searching for injury.

“Here.” Sam smiled and pointed to his groin. She could see his erection tenting his jeans. “Still want to help?”

Angel stiffened in outrage. “You bast…”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. Careful there, Angel baby, you wouldn’t want to tarnish that halo, would you?” He hefted himself off the railing and came to stand next to her.

About the Author:
Hi! I'm Maggie Adams. I live near St. Louis, MO with my high school sweetheart, Ned, and my wonderful kids, Katie (Kyle) and Ross (Valerie). My life is like a walking, talking sitcom from I Love Lucy, but I love it, although people do tend to keep their distance from me! Writing has always been my dream, with reading my favorite hobby. I try to include a little bit of my life in everything I write, so when you read my books, keep your eyes wide open - I'm in there somewhere! Happy reading!
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